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Autism: 10 Lessons for the Course of Life


For over 25 years, Dr. Rick Solomon, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, and founder of The P.L.A.Y. Project, has witnessed the course of life for hundreds of children, adolescents, and young adults with autism and their families. In this podcast series Autism: 10 Lessons for the Course of Life, Dr. Rick shares his insights but, more importantly, he interviews and invites the families—parents, siblings, and those children and young adults with autism—to share their amazing insights and how they’ve navigated the stages of their journeys. These interviews are touching, deep, and authentic. The families really tell it like it is. Throughout each of the episodes we hope to give you practical advice using the 10 lessons as our themes so that your child, adolescent, or young adult with autism can grow, make progress, live a meaningful life, and reach a level of development that is their potential whatever that may be.

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Lesson #1: When You Do What The Child Loves, The Child Will Love To Be With You

In Lesson #1: “When you do what the child loves, the child with autism will love to be with you.” Dr. Rick interviews Jeff and Heather about their daughter Kate and what it takes to get started with a  successful intervention program.  They share their struggles with grief and getting Kate’s diagnosis of autism, about trying out different therapies until they found what worked, and how intensive early intervention and playfulness (doing what the child loves) helped Kate to improve in her ability to form relationships and develop a sense of belonging with her friends and classmates. Dr. Rick introduces the key methods that help all children on the spectrum connect with others and grow developmentally.


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