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2015 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest Finalists

Around 571 writers sent their stories to the 2015 "It's All Write!" Teen Short Story Contest! Below is a list of the 2015 winners and finalists.

6th-8th Grade Winners:

1st Madilynn O’Hara "Why Walter Adams Cheated at Bingo"
2nd Laura Edwards "Sea Smiles"
3rd Anonymous "Living Among the Dead"

9th-10th Grade Winners:

1st Felicia Danu "Tethered"
2nd Ella Staats "Jessie"
3rd Michelle Glans "Alive (على قيد الحياة)"

11th-12th Grade Winners:

1st Tiffany Wang "A Girl, in Seven Parts"
2nd Devin Quinn "Night-Birds"
3rd Hannah McSorley "Amongst the Stars"

2015 Finalists in three grade categories:

Finalist 6-8 Grade:

A'ishah Cerrato "The Changes" Tao Cai "The Master of Fire"
Jake Lieberman "The Trenches" Sydney Haulenbeek "The Girl Forgotten by Everyone"
Jessica Xu "Embracing Darkness" Emilia Minetola "My Own Little World"
Bridget Roberts "Grayson" Ethan Wright "A Leaf in the Wind"
Sunday Quillen "2050" Maya Vijan "Shards of Memories"
Noelle Sabatino "A Holocaust Experience" Leah Mandel "Doing It All Over"
Kendra Hesselink "Monroe Street" Ellie Makar-Limanov "Heartbeat"
Sungyu Kwon "The Voices" Avi Lessure "CyberNet"

Finalist 9-10 Grade:

Jean-Marc van't Verlaat "Arthur’s Favorite Day" Zoë Stephan "Columbus Day Kleptomaina"
Anna Dang "Lemons" Sophia Nam "The Happiest Man"
Sarah Siske "The Great War" Katia Kukucka "Variation Under Nature"
Aidan Wolter "Ivan the Brave" Stephanie Okun "The Ultimate Takeaway"
Megan Jenkins "The Tire Swing" Helena Zindel "Bookends "
Sofia Kwok "The Storyteller" Abigail Dahl "The Ridiculous Miracle of Philberry Silvester"
Julia Bohm "(Parenthetical)" Cynthia Jia "Arthur"

Finalist 11-12 Grade:

Maggie Williams "Lifetimes" Carl Tighe "The Birth of Pumpkin Man"
Lucille Hu "The Reunion that Never Was" Sierra Cornell "Flowered Fingertips"
Tara van Nieuwstadt "P.S. I Miss You" Elise Blaauw "Beneath the Traffic Light"
Rohma Hassan "The Painter" Kieran O'Donnell "Gaze"
Neha Onteeru "Misfire" Lydia Evans "Erebia Pluto"
Kathryn Humnick "The Second Chance Dress"