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2016 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest Finalists

Around 496 writers sent their stories to the 2016 "It's All Write!" Teen Short Story Contest! Below is a list of the 2016 winners and finalists.

6th-8th Grade Winners:

1st Chioma Ilozor "Where We Belong"
2nd Deniz Kirca "My Father's Memories"
3rd Elizabeth Plotner "The Cage"

9th-10th Grade Winners:

1st Samantha Pyo "Unprecedented"
2nd Zoe Lubetkin "To Desire the Sky"
3rd Tiffany Vembenil "Dear Dawn"

11th-12th Grade Winners:

1st Devin Quinn "Lock's Wasteland"
2nd Samuel Giedzinski "The Painter's Foe"
3rd Katherine Horning "Coming Out"

2016 Finalists in three grade categories:

Finalist 6-8 Grade:

Anonymous Anonymous
Ari Yaffe-Inoue "In the Midst" Alex Alesso "Make it Home"
Anonymous Aaron Belman-Wells "Phoenix"
Sierra Lubetkin "The Book That Got Around" Michael Cherkasky "The Golden Arm"
Zoe Buhalis "Encircle" Shelby Williams "Finding Civilization"
Logan Deyarmond "Of Pachyderms and Predators"
Austin McDonald "The Unlikely Team"

Finalist 9-10 Grade:

Grace Bassick "Journey to the End" Margaret Camilletti "The Magic Flower"
Christina Starks "Night Blood" James Johal-Smith "An (Almost) Free Korea"
Matthew Nguyen "The Red Village" Emily Ma "The Conquest of Flight"
Michelle Merritt "Farewell to Fireflies" Anonymous
Anonymous Gabriella Chu "Yosemite "
Sam Stroud "What Remains"
Jennifer Wiland "Until It's Gone"

Finalist 11-12 Grade:

Emily Schussheim "Lizards Who Expel Their
Sticky Tongues Like Fishing Line"
Sonya Moss "The Prey"
Chasity Hale "Agoraphobia" Simone Schade "12th Street"
Kimberly Schmidt"It Was Always Too Late" James Rode "Late, Bound for London"
Sarah Chan "Six Words for Love" Janine Faust "Migration to Russia"
James Stinnett "Verbindung im München" Keri Haddrill "Stairway to the Sky"
Anastasia Beer "Hope"  
Maddie DePuy "Egg Islands"  
Mila Serefko "Grandpa Lost His Marbles"