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Ann Arbor's New City Council at Work, April 1969

Ann Arbor's New City Council at Work, April 1969 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 15, 1969
Ann Arbor's New City Council At Work Ann Arbor's new City Council, with a Democratic majority, took office last night. Seated from left to right are James E. Stephenson, Fourth Ward; Roy A. Weber, Fourth Ward; LeRoy A. Cappaert, Fifth Ward; City Administrator Guy C. Larcom Jr.; Mayor Robert J. Harris; Richard D. Remington, First Ward; H. C. Curry, First Ward; Ernest L. Quenon, Second Ward; Robert G. Faber, Second Ward; Joseph W. Edwards, Third Ward, and Nicholas D. Kazarinoff, Third Ward. At the center table is City Clerk John P. Bentley and Stenographer Mrs. Sue Kosmalski. Fifth Ward Councilman Henry L. Stadler was absent. Last night's session was relatively brief -- the meeting was adjourned about 10:15.

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