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Ann Arbor City Council In Session, July 1963

Ann Arbor City Council In Session, July 1963 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 22, 1963
COUNCIL IN SESSION: For Ann Arbor citizens who haven't had a chance yet to see personally what a City Council meeting looks like in the new City Hall's council quarters, here's an opportunity to attend pictorially by following the numbers: (1) Councilman Wendell E. Hulcher, Fourth Ward; (2) Councilman Richard G. Walterhouse, Fourth Ward; (3) Councilman John R. Laird, Fifth Ward; (4) Councilman Bent F. Nielsen, Fifth Ward; (5) City Attorney Jacob F. Fahrner, jr.; (6) Mayor Cecil O. Creal; (7) Mrs. Jean L. Eskelinen, city clerk's stenographer; (8) City Clerk Fred J. Looker; (9) Councilman Eunice L. Burns, First Ward; (10) Councilman John L. Teachout, First Ward; (11) Councilman John Downson, Second Ward; (12) Councilman William E. Bandemer, Second Ward; (13) Councilman Robert E. Meader, Third Ward; and (14) Councilman Paul H. Johnson, Third Ward. Persons in the right foreground are members of the audience. The microphone and podium are for their use in addressing the council. Most of the persons in the right background are department heads.

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