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Arbordale, Pauline Blvd Area, June 1952

Arbordale, Pauline Blvd Area, June 1952 image
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Ann Arbor News, June 7, 1952
This aerial photograph shows curving ribbons of roads in Arbordale Subdivision (right) and Pauline Acres Subdivision (partly hidden by trees). Arbordale, developed by John E. Swisher, jr., is filling up with homes. More than half of the 70 lots have been sold to potential home builders, he reports. Pauline Acres is a more recent development of A. P. W. Hewett, Inc. Two of its 33 lots have houses. Across Pauline Blvd. from Arbordale Subdivision is Eugene Hannah's Barnard Heights Subdivision No. 2. It has been cut up into 63 lots. Arbordale and Pauline Acres have incorporated access routes to Eberwhite School (lower left). Fritz Park is the wooded strip between the two areas.

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