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Female Employees Of B. E. Muehlig Inc., March 1963

Female Employees Of B. E. Muehlig Inc., March 1963 image
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Ann Arbor News, March 16, 1963
Shown here with years of service in parentheses - Front row left to right: Jeanette Hadley (16 yrs.), Delia Sauer (20 yrs.), Edna Groff (48 yrs.), Josephine Noll (30 yrs.), Marguerite Stull (5 yrs.), Cora Schmidt (20 yrs.), Elsie Magee (9 yrs.), Fay Muehlig (10 yrs.), Ruth Thomas (3 yrs.) Second Row: Mayme Lusk (4 yrs.), Irene Ball (5 yrs.), Mabel Luebke (5 yrs.), Gertrude Thomas (5 yrs.), Flora Shaltis (35 yrs.), Vida Oetjen (7 yrs.), Emma Schairer (19 yrs.), Irene Howell (10 yrs.), Gladys Lambarth (7 yrs.), Amelia Prieskorn (11 yrs.). Third Row: Bertha Horning (42 yrs.), Iva Binder (1 yr.), Katie Stadel (3 yrs.), Dorothy Diez (7 yrs.), Betty Noll (4 yrs.), Helen Coon (18 yrs.), Emma Crippen (6 yrs.), Freda Volz (30 yrs.), Amanda Myers (9 yrs.), Jane Regent (1 yr.), Anita Jacob (3 yrs.).
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