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Kales Waterfall Supper Club - Interior, February 1963

Kales Waterfall Supper Club - Interior, February 1963 image
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Ann Arbor News, February 9, 1963
CAVE-LIKE INTERIOR: Cave-like walls and ceiling - painted a midnight blue with spot-type lighting - are an unusual feature in Kales' Waterfall Supper Club of 2261 W. Stadium Blvd. Bright red chairs and booths contrast sharply with dark ceiling and walls and black-red carpeting to help give a feeling of warmth and coziness and give the restaurant-cocktail lounge a real nightclub appearance. The cave-like theme is carried out by large "niches" with semi-circular booth seating, adding privacy but still permitting a feeling of openness. The restaurant-cocktail lounge business is owned by James Kales of Ann Arbor. "I wanted a very unique atmosphere; I think I got it," Kales said. "The challenge now is to give the right food; I think we'll grow with it," he added. The nightclub-like facility has a private banquet room.

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