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St. Mary's Chapel Belfry Being Removed, January 1973

St. Mary's Chapel Belfry Being Removed, January 1973 image
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Ann Arbor News, January 13, 1973
St. Mary's Losing Belfry St. Mary's Chapel is losing its belfry. Workmen have been working on the church for over a week. According to St. Mary's chaplain, Sister Connie Smedinghoff, they are dismantling the belfry because its structural condition has deteriorated. The church and belfry were built in 1924. Sister Connie said the workmen are also repairing loose masonry on the side of the church. "There is structural damage underneath the bricks in the steel supports," she said about the belfry. "It was caused by water seepage. It would cost too much to take the bricks down, clean and paint the steel and put the bricks back up. Besides the belfry is hollow and it would happen again."
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