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St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Choir, 1937

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Choir, 1937 image

"The man in the suit, standing at far left in the photo is Paul Kempf, retired businessman (Staebler-Kempf Oil Co.), and son of Ann Arbor musician Reuben Henry Kempf, longtime owner of the Bennett-Kempf House, the Greek Revival "temple" at 312 S. Division, in which Paul spent his childhood and growing years. Paul was active in the Washtenaw County Historical Society.

Neil Staebler, local oil man, later to be Michigan political kingmaker, friend of Presidents and Governors, at the far right. In the middle of the vested choir, wearing a business suit and no robe, is Reuben Henry Kempf, organist and choir director, and longtime leader of musical culture in Ann Arbor. In 1937, he was still a resident of the little Greek temple on Division Street that is now a city house museum.

And although this was a choir of men and boys, we see, toward the upper right, the striking face of a woman -- in fact, she is a Dean among Women -- Alice Lloyd, the professor's daughter who became the University's Dean of Women. She died in office, and later had a dormitory named for her." - Wystan Stevens

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