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George Whitman and Watermelon in Garden, October 1968

George Whitman and Watermelon in Garden, October 1968 image
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Ann Arbor News, October 3, 1968
Weed Killer "All I intended to have was the vine," George Whitman explained as he showed this ripe watermelon growing beneath his rose bushes. Although cantaloupes can be grown this far north, the climate is usually too cool for the long hot season required by the watermelon. Whitman, who has maintained a rose garden all of the 10 years he has lived at 415 Evergreen, recently began adding marigolds, snapdragons, verbenas and petunias for color. He added the vines this year because "training them around the flower bed helps smother the weeds." Whitman eliminated crab grass in his garden and gained four cantaloupes and four watermelons to boot!
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