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Town and Gown Reunion

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Ann Arbor News, December 21, 1938
Welding the Spirit of Town and Gown: Members of the famous Town and Gown Club held a happy reunion last night at the Allenel hotel. Three of the group, Dean Mortimer E. Cooley, Titus F. Hutzel and Evart H. Scott, are more than 80 years old. Left to right are Dr. Thomas B. Cooley and George G. Prentis of Detroit, Dr. Lawrence Grosh of Toledo, Mr. Scott, Dean Cooley, Mr. Hutzel, Reuben H. Kempf, Daniel Sutton, Dean Joseph A. Bursley, Wilfred B. Shaw and Frank McIntyre, who is pointing toward the other three members present, not shown in the picture. They are Dr. Edward Murbauch of Archbold, Ohio., Dr. William B. Spitzley of Detroit and Fred T. McOmber of Ann Arbor, the secretary.

Town & Gown Club Reunion

"Frank McIntyre was a nationally-known stage and radio actor. Although he was on the road a lot, he was based in Ann Arbor, where his brother was manager of the Whitney Theatre." (Wystan Stevens)

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