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French Dukes Practicing for President Nixon's Inaugural Parade

French Dukes Practicing for President Nixon's Inaugural Parade image
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Ann Arbor News, January 2, 1969
Dukes going To Washington - Practicing for their trip to Washington Jan. 20 to march in Richard M. Nixon's Inaugural Parade are 12 of the French Dukes - Ann Arbor's award-winning precision drill team. The selection of the 24-man drill team was announced Tuesday. Pictured (from left) are Commander Carlton Bell, Namon Wright, Jerry Ginyard, Jerome Wright, Al Casey, Robert Franklin, Grant Sleet, Wendell Ulmer, Ricky Thomas, Charles Carter, LeRoy Carter and Leonard Scott. Not pictured are John McDonald, Melvin Arnett, Hugh Harris, Phil Sleet, Terry Ginyard, Mark Wilson, Robert Foster, Walter Blissett, Jesse Thomas, Michael Franklin, James Bryant and Kenneth Mitchell. Local contributions to help pay for transportation, food and lodging for the youths while they are in Washington may be sent to John P. Paup at the Ann Arbor Trust Co., 100 S. Main. The team is sponsored by Elks Pratt Lodge.

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