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Kiwanis Club Past Presidents, May 1936

Kiwanis Club Past Presidents, May 1936 image
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Ann Arbor News, May 19, 1936
Honored By Kiwanians -- Thirteen of the 16 members of Kiwanis Club who have been honored by the presidency are shown above. They are, reading left to right, standing: Floyd A. Sergeant, Dr. Leonard P. Fisher, Lynn W. Fry, C. A. Fisher, Howard L. Spedding, Frank S. Hait and Walter W. Springer, the present chief executive; seated, Fred Heusel, Jr., the first president, Harry W. Nichols, Lewis C. Reimann, Judge Jay G. Pray, Arthur E. Crippen and Prof. C. C. Glover. Missing from the group photograph are Robert Norris, Walter R. Drury and John E. Swisher.
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