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Phoebe Beal Circle of King's Daughters

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 6:20pm

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Their Sewing Helps Red Cross: Production of garments for war relief, to be distributed by the Red Cross, is the objective of the sewing of these two, affliated with Phoebe Beal circle of the King's Daughters. Refugee sewing is one of the volunteer services and an important activity of the Red Cross. The Washtenaw county chapter sends the clothing to New York from where it is dispatched to Europe for distribtuion among refugees there. Urgent requests have been made to the American Red Cross for large quantities of warm winter clothing suitable for the relief of Polish refugees in Rumania, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania and requests also have been made for clothing by the British and French Red Cross. Voluntters make hospital bed shirts, convalescent robes, men, women's and children's sweaters, men's stockings, mufflers, and beanies, women's and girs' dresses, boys' shirts and suits, and layettes. The emphasis at present is on winter weight garments. Only new garments now are being sent for the refugees. Because of the current demand for war relief garments, the refugee sewing work is at its peak during the present Red Cross roll call for members.
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