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Sam Schlecht With His Football Program Collection, October 1961

Sam Schlecht With His Football Program Collection, October 1961 image
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Ann Arbor News, October 31, 1961
COLLECTION'S GROWING: It's a good year for football programs in Ann Arbor, what with Michigan's special "This I Remember" series, and collectors like Sam Schlecht, 1210 Arella Blvd., are appreciative of the fact. Schlecht, office supervisor for the City Water Department, has 340 grid-game programs in his growing pile, the first one going back to the Michigan-Northwestern contest of 1924. Included is at least one example from each bowl game and from many All-Star contests. The one he's holding is the unusual one which was put out for a 1947 game between the University of Hawaii and Michigan State. Hawaii officials, not completely hep to the situation, titled it "The Hawaii-University of Michigan" game, thereby disgusting Spartans and Wolverines alike. What does a program collector do with his loot? "I like to go over different ones from time to time," says Schlecht, "and try to remember the game and players. Then, of course, I begin wondering what's happened to the players since."

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