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Jones School Students Play Store, April 1949

Jones School Students Play Store, April 1949 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 2, 1949
Second grade pupils at the Jones School have set up a model "health" store as a study project under the guidance of their teacher, Miss Sara Donnelly. Its purpose is to acquaint the youngsters with the business of buying and selling and also to give them practical practice in arithmetic, lettering, and other school subjects. The five pupils pictured are (left to right) Marilyn Jean Kitt of 310 N. Fifth Ave., Charles Bird of 511 N. Fifth Ave., Thomas R. DeVries of 110 N. State St., Annabella Portilla of 119 N. Main St., and James J. Dixon of 515 N. Fifth Ave. Gene D. Maybee, principal of the school, is inspecting the project.

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