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Peter Fries - Six Year Old Swimmer, April 1944

Peter Fries - Six Year Old Swimmer, April 1944 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 14, 1944
SWIMS A MILE BACK STROKE: Peter Fries (above), six-year-old son of Prof. and Mrs. Charles C. Fries of Overridge Dr., is undoubtedly the world's champion back-stroker for his age. In a time trial this week in the Michigan pool, Peter swam a mile on his back in the excellent time of 38 minutes and 43 seconds. A mile is 70 lengths of the pool and 10 yards. He also swims the free-style, the butterfly breast-stroke and does about six dives. Peter learned to swim and walk at the same time - when he was one year old. Don't think that Matt Mann isn't keeping an eye on the youngster, who is the brother of Capt. Chuck Fries of the 1944 Wolverine swimming team.
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