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New Wide Screen at the State Theater, November 1953

New Wide Screen at the State Theater, November 1953 image
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Ann Arbor News, November 13, 1953
The State Theater's huge new screen will be used for the first time tomorrow night to carry "All the Brothers Were Valiant." The size of the screen is illustrated here as Gerald Hoag, Butterfield Theaters manager in Ann Arbor, stands on the stage. The full screen measures 43 by 24 feet in contrasst to the standard screen (inner dotted lines) which is 18 feet by 16 feet. The area outlined by the large square represents the so-called "miracle mirror" screen which will be used for some Hollywood productions. Tomorrow's film will fill all but about five feet on each edge of the stage-wide screen. "The Robe," opening here on Thanksgiving Day, will use the entire screen area.
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