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Fireman Grapple With Hose at General Auto Supply Co. Fire, March 1940

Fireman Grapple With Hose at General Auto Supply Co. Fire, March 1940 image
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Ann Arbor News, March 26, 1940
Some days are monotonously quiet for members of the Ann Arbor fire department, but yesterday was not one of them -- as shown in the above photographs showing the firemen in action in one of the busiest days they have had in months. Four fires, causing damage estimated at more than $6,000, kept Chief Benjamin Zahn and his men on the jump for six hours yesterday morning and afternoon. The two worst fires were at the General Parts Co. store 209 N. Main St., and at the home of Mrs. Fannie Howell, 521 N. Fifth Ave. The picture at the left [this photo], taken at the N. Main St. fire shows several firemen battling thick, choking smoke to reach the flames with water. In the foreground are Firemen Ira A. Navarre and Francis J. Ryan, with Fireman Arthur B. Clark behind Navarre. The center photograph shows a group of spectators, who responded to a call for aid, helping haul hose closer to the store. A most interested spectator was Fire Commissioner Herman F. Folske, shown standing beside the ladder in the foreground. Chief Zahn is shown in the thick of the work in the picture at the right, standing half-way through a hole in the roof, during the N. Fifth Ave. fire. He is distinguished by his white raincoat. On the ridge of the roof are (left to right) Firemen Lawrence M. Hague, Emerson Ehnis and Elmer C. Renz. A fifth fireman's helmet is shown pushing through a hole in the roof.

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