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Award-Winning Civil Defense Volunteer Workers, March 1944

Award-Winning Civil Defense Volunteer Workers, March 1944 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 3, 1944
VOLUNTEERS GIVEN OPA AWARDS: Fourteen women working as volunteers with the commodities panel of the rationing board who have each contributed more than 500 hours of work since rationing began have been given awards for service by the OPA. The five women pictured above who were among the receivers of the awards are, from left to right, Mrs. Willard Olson, Mrs. Harold Haines, Mrs. Fred Wahr, Mrs. Louis Bredvold and Mrs. Donal H. Haines. Other women who also received awards are Mrs. Paul Barker, Mrs. William Walz, Miss Myfanwy Lloyd, Mrs. W. L. Badger, Mrs. Laylin K. James, Mrs. Joseph Pasterino, Mrs. Kenneth McMurray, Mrs. A. D. Moore and Mrs. Raymond Waggoner.
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