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Ann Arbor Observer Staff, January 1985

Ann Arbor Observer Staff, January 1985 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 28, 1985
This almost-complete group photo of the Observer staff includes: (front row, from left) Mary Matthews, associate editor; Patricia Garcia, assistant publisher; Marguerite Melander, ad sales; Mary Hunt; Geraldine Kaylor, writer; Kate Jones, business manager; (second row, from left) Heather Price, design and production staff; John Hilton, writer; Anne Remley, managing editor; Jane Schultz, editorial coordinator; Eve Silberman, writer; Sharon Solomon, design-production staff; Bonnie Brereton, writer; Vikki Enos, advertising manager; (back row, from left) Walter Kemnitz, distribution; Delores Nichols, ad sales; Jean Morgan, office manager; Susan Peterson, ad sales; Claudette Mitchell, design-production staff; Laura Magnus, ad sales (no longer on staff); and Don Hunt. Full-time staffers not pictured include receptionist Debbie Cannerile, writer John Hinchey, design and production manager Elaine Wright Graham, typsetter Katherine Tucker, photographer Peter Yates, ad sales representative Alyce Witt, sales assistant Maiya Grath and receptionist Debbie Cannarile.

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