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Peace Rally at Michigan Stadium, October 1969

Peace Rally at Michigan Stadium, October 1969 image
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Ann Arbor News, October 16, 1969
20,000 Gather At 'M' Stadium In Moratorium Highlight Yesterday's "moratorium" protest against the Vietnam war remained peaceful through its climax last night with a Michigan Stadium rally, where approximately 20,000 persons, mostly University students and faculty, cheered a dozen speakers including Sen.Philip A. Hart, D-Mich. U-M class attendance was estimated by U-M officials as 60 per cent below normal for a Wednesday, usually a busy day on the U-M academic Schedule. Local expressions of criticism of the "moratorium" were also peaceful, consisting mainly of a few dozen porchlights and auto headlights turned on in daylight hours, a statement by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars commander, and a number of "Win the War" signs in store windows.

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