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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Inherit the Wind, February 24, 1988 image
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._o..-;:: ' . """' - ~ -, . ... Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, Ticket Info 662-7282 Directed by Phyllis Albertson ·~····"" Written by Jerome Lawrence ~ ~ and Robert E. Lee ...._• ~ ~ ~ DOBSON-McOMBER Dedicated to The Cultural Enrichment of Our Community Since 1893. DOBSON- McOMBER Insurance & Risk Management 1900 Manchester Road Ann Arbor, Michigan 973-0105 February 24-27, 1988 at 8 pm Saturday Matinee at 2 pm Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, Ticket Info 662-7282 Directed by Phyllis Albertson - ··- 11 ~ Written by Jerome Lawrence ~ and Robert E. Lee f._• ~ ~ Produced by Special Arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Synopsis of Scenes Place: A small town Time: Summer, not too long ago Act I, Scene 1-Town square, early July morning Scene 2-Courtroom, a few days later Scene 3-Town square, early that evening II'ITEKI'IISSIOI'f Act II, 15 l'III'IUTES Scene !-Courtroom, two days later Scene 2-Courtroom. the following day About the Play: INHERIT THE WIND is not about the theory of evolution versus the literal interpretation of the Bible. It assaults those who would constrict any human being's right to think, to teach, to learn. It Is not history. The events which took place in the famous "Scopes Monkey Trial" in Dayton, Tennessee during the scorching July of 1925 are clearly the genesis of the play. It has, however, an exodus entirely its own. The collision of Bryan and Darrow at Dayton was dramatic; but it was not a drama. Moreover, the issues of their conflict have acquired new dimensions and meaning in the years since they clashed at the Rhea County. Courthouse. So INHERIT THE WIND does not pretend to be journalism. It is theatre. It might have been yesterday. It could be tomorrow. Jerome Lawrence Robert E. Lee The University of l'llchlgan forbids smoking In any part of the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre. ., !f"~-.1 Directed by Jan Koenget er Choreography by Ch erryl Loyd Vanderhoof May 18·21, 1988 Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre for Ticket Information Call 662 -7282 J/!iO Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Main Street Productions presents The Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge directed by Anne Kolaczkowski Magee March 24, 25, 26, 31 Aprill,2,7,8,9 8:00p.m. 338 S. Main Street :r§ ~ =.::=~·::.!.= ,.. Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors John McCollum, President Robert Seeman, Vice-President Julie Varus, Secretary Robert N. Alexander Wiley Brownlee John W. Buckbee Edward D. Clark, 111 Burnette Staebler, Vice-President Robin Barlow, Treasurer James B. Gilligan, Jr. Richard A. Hadler Michael Limmer Andrew Lindstrom Shirley Mallette Cassie Mann Helen B. Mann Anne Walker Phyllis Wright Honorary Advisory Committee Judith Dow & Robert H. Alexander Constance Barron Robert Bartels Jack Becker Louis D. Belcher Richard C. Benjamin Richard Black Richard Brunvand Alan Clague Russell Collins Albert Coudron Mildred Danielson Donald Chisholm Robert Darvas Elizabeth Dexter Peter Eckstein Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden Warren and Virginia Eveland Don Faber Sally Fleming fuithleen M. Fojtik Jan Frieder Daniel R. Fusfeld Patricia Garcia Wagar Glas Claribel Baird Halstead Mary & John Hathaway Fred Hindley Trudy Huebner Robert C. Hughes James Hunt Zeke Jabbour Mayor Gerald D. Jernigan Dr. Eva Jessye Henry Johnson Wilfred Kaplan Roberta Keniston Henry S. Landau Guy Larcom Jerold Lax Charlotte McGeoch Virginia Patton Moss Samuel Mullice Karen O'Neal Anneke Overseth William &. Mary Palmer Prof. Willis Patterson Edward C. Pierce Beverley & Pat Pooley Eugene B. Power Michael Radock Deanna Relyea Duane Renken Dick & Norma Sarns Pamela Seevers David Shipman Raymond J. Smit Neil Staebler Dr. Edward Stasheff Elizabeth Stranahan Carol Tice Christine Trautwein Allee Vining Prof. William Vorus Katharine Wallace Zelma H. Weisfeld Timothy 0. White John Woodford AACT Season Staff Banners ................... Charles Sutherland Box Office Co-Chairs ....... Trudy Maglott & Louisa Pieper Costume Rentals ................ Position Open Costume Shop Superintendent ..... Position Open Development ................... Position Open Education .................... Shirley Mallette finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robin Barlow Front of House/Ushers ..... Barbara Smart Daniel Legal Advisor .................... Martin Smith Lighting and Sound Chair ......... Gene Macario Mailing Supervisor ................. Howard fox Main Street Production Coordinators ..... William Bailey &. Cassie Mann Make-Up ................. Roberta Rizzardi Price Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Position Open Membership/Volunteers ....•....... Angie Jones Office Manager . . . . ......... Annette Schultz Play Selection Co-Chairs ..... Carol Deniston &. Robert Seeman Production Coordinator .......... Shirley Mallette Program Coordinator .............. Carol Jennet Props Superintendent ............ Joan Scheffler Publicity ..................... Kathleen Harsen Scene Shop Superintendent ....... Robert Seeman Season Ticket Agent .......... James A. Mattson Social . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Position Open SPOTLIGHT Newsletter Editor ........ Anne Walker Executive Director ........... Deborah M. Greene Administrative Secretary ............ Julie Miller Bookkeeper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Irma Zald 203 E. Liberty Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 Phone: 313/662-5616 --The Cast-(In Order of Appearance) \ Melinda . . . . . . . . . . . Tracy Nudson Howard . . . . . . . . . . .. Julian Vorus Mr. Meeker .... , . . . .... Ed Lesher Rachel . . . . . . . . . . . .. Nina Perlove Bert Cates ............ James Toler Mr. Goodfellow .... Robert Carr Mrs. Krebs ........... Mildred Koen The Reverend Brown ..... Thomas Blaske Sillers ................ Skip Bailey Bollinger . . . Bannister . . Dunlap. Hawker. . . . ... Bill Teppo . .. Robert Preston . . Dwight Smith . . Mark Petrie Mrs. McLain ...... Becky Badgero Mrs. Blair. . . Kathleen Harsen Elijah ........... .. Norman Grant Hornbeck ......... David Keosaian Timmy . . .... Alex Kellogg Brady .... Martin Smith Reuters Man .... Col urn McReynolds Mrs. Brady ......... Marina Seeman Mayor. . .. Robert May Davenport ....... Andrew Cochrane Judge ............. Conrad Mason Drummond . . . Robert Green Harry Y. Esterbrook ... William Egnor Vocalist ........... Margie Warrick Townspeople Toby . . ........... John Vorus Jim-Bob . . . . . . ....... ian Ream Nathan. . . . ... Andrew Benjamin Missy . . . . .... Anne Richardson Peggy .. Andrea Campbell Mrs. Geer . . . .... Rose McReynolds Aronson . . . ..... Cliff Sheldon Keller. . . Lawrence Davidson Reporter ...... Michael Beaty Juror ............. Ross Albertson Warren Dunn Page ...... Richard M. Ginger --The Staff-Director Co-Producers. Advising Producer. . Assistant Director l!t. Stage Manager Set Design . . . •............ Phyllis Albertson . ........•...... Marjorie Cripps Cliff Sheldon . ....... Allsande Cutler .... Zoaunne Albertson . ....... Simon C.M. Ha Set Builder. . ................ Gene Maca rio Costume Designer ...... Khairla Attar Lighting Designer ... Ross Albertson Sound Design ........•.•............ Rick Ashcroft Make-up and Hair . . . . . • . • . . . . .... Roberta Price Props . . ............ Cathi Taam Graphics Designer . . . . . . . . . . . . .. John Moga The Crew LIGHTII'IG PROPS COSTUMES Brian Albrecht Michael Beaty William Egnor Elizabeth Miller Peter Rinehart Tammy Wilson Victoria Arends Marilyn Campbell Richard M. Ginger Heather Hudson Jenny York SOUI'ID MAKE· UP Sophie Farah Debbie Gagolis JoAnn Keosalan Linda Mahoney Penny Tashnlck Julie Vorus HAIR DESIGI'I Debbie, Jan, Marcia, Washington Place Hair Design Howard Klllham, Huron Beauty Academy Suzanne Paige Cappello's Hair Salon Chris Hall Bob Carbeck SET Bob Dilan Skip Dunnett Simon Ha David Kwan Gene Macario Cathy Orbits Cliff Sheldon Jeff Zupan 8eyfried Jewelers 304 S. MAIN, ANN ARBOR, Ml 48104 (313) 668-6474 'The Diamond People" AACT President's Message Has there ever been a time when disputation did not exist among people of differing beliefs? In the nearly 6000 years of recorded human experience has there ever been peaceful co-exlstance among people of different races and creeds? What has changed fundamentally since Old Testament times in the relationship among the peoples of the Middle-East? Somehow, the adage, "the more things change, the more they remain the same;· holds true. So it Is in the recurring debate concerning creationism versus evolution. The so-called "Monkey Trial" In 1925 over the public school teaching of the theory of evolution by J.T. Scopes in Dayton, Tenn .. brought together in dramatic confrontation the powerful personalities of Clarence Darrow (defense) and William Jennings Bryan (prosecution). INHERIT THE WIND is the gripping dramatization of that conflict. We hope you find it fascinating and absorbing. John McCollum Don't Just Listen to Ted Heusel. Call Him! Every Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, The Ted Heusel Show offers area listeners a chance to sound off on local and national issues. In addition to listener call-ins, Ted's show features: • Fascinating Guests • Commentary on Current Events • Community Updates • Vital Local News Tune in to Radio 16 WAAM every weekday morning at 10:00 am to listen and to be heard! Radio 16 WAAM Now in Our 41st Year of Broadcasting ABOUT THE COMPANY AND STAFF PHYLLIS ALBERTSON (Director) has enjoyed a rich and varied career trodding the boards from merry old England to Midwestern America. Studying theatre at the University of Minnesota, she has worked as an actress, director, costumer, and lighting designer. Phyllis currently works as an office manager for a local law firm. Twentyplus years ago, when one of her roles in INHERIT THE WIND was "Monkey-Keeper;· she never dreamed she would one day direct a production here in Ann Arbor. ROSS ALBERTSON (Lighting Designer and Juror) This is Ross' second production with AACT having done lights for THE REAL THING last November. He has also appeared at the Cherry County Playhouse In Traverse City, the Wyandotte Community Theatre, and Southgate Community Theatre. WAUI'II'IIl ALBilRTSOI'I (Assistant Director and Stage Manager) This Is the third time Zoanne has been involved with an AACT production , working lights for THE REAL THING and HEDDA GABLER. She has done extensive work with the Southgate Community Theatre and Wyandotte Community Thatre. RICK ASHCROFT (Sound Design) Originally from New York City, Rick took to the stage early as an actor. He became sound man for many of AACT's MainStage and MainStreet productions, including DAMN YANKEES!, THE REAL THING, and was Stage Manager for the recent musical revue SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM. KHAIRIA ATTAR (Costume Design) A graduate of the U of M with a Masters in Costume Design, Khalrla's AACT credits include costume design for BWES FOR MISTER CHARLIE, ORPHEUS DESCENDING, THE DIVINERS, as well as Ellen Presser's original, ALIENS AND SCOUNDRELS. BECKY BADGERO (Mrs. McLain) Active in theatre throughout high school and college, Becky has also appeared in many theatre festivals In Indiana and Michigan . She is presently studying jazz dance and theatre at Washtenaw Community College. SKIP BAILilY (SIIIers) After a busy 8 months, Skip Is pleased to be back on stage. You may remember him In his "critically acclaimed" roles on the AACT MainStreet stage in LUANN HAMPTON LAVERTY OBERLANDER last Spring. Since then he has kept busy directing, producing, and helping with many other Civic activities. MICHAEL BEATY (Reporter) is a senior at U of M majoring In cellular molecular biology. He was a member of the light crew for AACTs THE REAL THING last fall, and appeared In MUSKET's production of KISS ME KATE. Michael is also an accomplished pianist. AI'IDREW BENJAMIN (Nathan) Is a seventh grader at Greenhills SChool. This Is his first time on the AACT stage, but you may have seen him in Peninsula Production's BERNSTEIN MASS and PETER PAN. Andrew is also active in the Boy's Choir of Ann Arbor. THOMAS BLASKE (Reverend Brown) Is a trial lawyer, and his thespian experience "preaching" to juries is extensive. This is, however, Tom's first role with Civic Theatre. In his hours away from the courtroom, Tom grades lawyer's licensing exams, teaches, and raises money for Washtenaw Community College and the Boy Scouts. AI'IDRilA CAI'IPBilLL (Peggy) has been the lead In plays for the Girl Scouts, her grade school , and church. She loves to write, draw, read, and is an expert performer of skits for parties. This is her first performance with AACT. ROBERT CARR (Mr. Goodfellow) A long-time member of AACT, Robert has held a starring role as usher for many AACT productions. He also appeared in AACT's DEVILS DISCIPLE and THE RUNNER STUMBLES. Art DREW COCHR.Al"'E (Davenport) This is Andy's premier performance with AACT. Originally from East Lansing, and a graduate of the University of Michigan in Biology, Andy currently works at Sinai Hospital in Detroit. MARJORIE CRIPPS (Co-Producer) is active behind the scenes of many AACT productions. She has been on crews for costumes, props, and running (stage?) for GYPSY, MISANTHROPE, and HEDDA GABLER, respectively. Marjorie also worked props with the Comic Opera Guild's production of KISMET which toured last February. WILLIAM EGI'IOR (Mayor) has been seen by Ann Arbor th eatre audiences for t en years. His fi rst ro le was WINNI~ TH~POOH with MM Productions, followed by work with Young Peoples Theatre, The Ann Arbor Medieval festival, The Performance Network, Hill Street Players. and now AACT! RICHARD M. GINGER (Page) Not only is Richard mak· ing an on~stage appearance in tonight's performance, but he is also busy backstage as a member of the prop crew. He is in charge of the rock. I'IORMAI"' GRAI'IT (Elijah) This is Norman's first involve· ment with AACT. but not with acting. He has appeared in Performance Network's MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM and was an extra in the movie THE CARRIER. ROBERT GREI!.rl (Drummond) is a long-time AACT member, having served twice on the Board of Directors. His acting credits include musicals (KISS ME KATE, AN· NIE GET YOUR GUN), Shakespeare (MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM), Shaw, (CANDIDA), Noel Coward (NUDE WITH VIOLIN, BLITHE SPIRIT) and Arthur Miller's THE CRIJOBLE, for which he won the Best Actor award way back in 1962. Bob is a physician and professor at the University of Michigan and the Veterans Administration Hospitals. SIMON C.l'l. HA (Set Designer) graduated in Theatre Studies from Warwick University, England, and has work· ed for Seal 's Players Foundation in Hong Kong. He was assistant director for LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT and other plays at the Hong Kong City Hall and Hong Kong Arts Center. Presently he is set designer for Young People's Theatre. KATHLEEN HARSEN (Mrs. Blair) is the Publicity Direc· tor for AACT, and has vast experience doing props, set dressing, and assistant directing for numerous AACT shows, both MalnStreet and MainStage productions. Kathleen is a third grade teacher at Mack Elementary School. TRACY HUDSON (Melinda) A freshman at Greenhills School, Tracy appeared in AACT's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, and is very active in plays at her school and with the St. Andrew's Players. She has also been an usher along with working on props for AACT's ANGEL STREET. ALEX KELLOGG (Timmy) This is Alex's first appearance in an AACT production, although he has appeared In a Detroit-area commercial. Alex spends his free time play· ing basketbalL football and soccer. DAVID KEOSAIAN (Hornbeck) Having appeared first in 1981 as Zoltan Carpathy in AACTs production of MY FAIR LADY, David has much more to thank AACT for than just acting experience. He met his wife JoAnn during that stint while she was doing make·up. He has also appeared in many U of M Gilbert and Sullivan Society performances. MILDRED KOEN (Mrs. Krebs) An AACT member for two years, this is Mildred's first stage appearance. She attend· ed Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and was active in the University's Honorary Dramatic Society as well as member of the Faculty Women's Club Sunday Theatre. Mildred is also a long-time pilot and member of the Ann Arbor flyers. ED LESHER (Mr. Meeker) is a familiar face around AACT, having appeared In over 20 productions, the latest be· ing DAMN YANKEES! He got the acting bug soon after he played the " body from the basement" In ARSENIC AND OW LACE. CONRAD MASON (Judge) AACT audiences have seen Conrad in GYPSY. ANYTHING GOES. SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE. and STEAMBATH. He has played leading roles in t;IL ABNER. PAJAMA GAME. MOUSETRAP, GUYS AND DOLLS, and appeared as "levye" in the Dexter Communi· ty Player's production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. His credits also Include directing THE ODD COUPLE, BLITHE SPIRIT, and CURIOUS SAVAGE. In the real world, Conrad works as a consulting meteorologist and as the coor· dinator of the Computing Resource Center for the U of M. ROBERT MAY (Harry Y. Esterbrook) appears on the AACT stage for the first time tonight but he comes to us with experience gained in various companies in Indiana and Florida. COLUM McREYNOLDS (Reuters Man) A newcomer to the AACT stage, Colum Is an accomplished public speaker, having been involved in Toastmasters International, United Foundation Speakers Bureau, and speaker at na· tiona! engineering conventions. ROSE McREYNOLDS (Mrs. Geer) A new resident of Ann Arbor, Rose developed stage poise many years ago In Ireland. This is also her first time with AACT, but, she is already active in singing in the community choir. NINA PERLOVE (Rachel) is a freshman at Slauson Jr. High. Though this is her first AACT appearance, many audiences have seen her in Young People's Theatre pro· ductions of ASHES AND DUST, and PUSS 'N BOOTS, to name a few. Nina would like to pursue theatre and music at the U of M. MARK PETRIE (Hawker) a freshman at Clague Jr. High, has a lot of acting experience with the Popsicle Playerseleven plays in four years! He can also be seen in THE CARRIER and has appeared on Detroit's PM Magazine and the Ann Arbor Screen Scene. ROBERT PRMTON (Bannister) This Is Robert's first ac· ting appearance and first association with AACT. He has been an elementary school teacher for the past 22 years, and enjoys cooking and cats (not necessarily related!). ROBERTA PRICE (Make-Up) has worked and designed make-up for Civic Theatre productions since 1944. She also does make·up for other theatrical groups, schools and community organizations. Roberta is an elementary art teacher in the Dexter Community Schools and is a graduate of the University of Michigan. IAN REAM (Jim·Bob) is another newcomer to AACT in this performance. He previously appeared as Frederick in the Bach School Production of PIRATES OF PENZANCE. ANNE RICHARDSON (Missy) is a fourth grader at Wines Elementary School in Ann Arbor. She has been In several school. church. and neighborhood plays, while also writing and choreographing many of them. This is Anne's first time with AACT. MARINA SEEMAN (Mrs. Brady) appeared last season with AACT In THE DRESSER and GYPSY. She has been a Civic Member for over twenty years, receiving AACTs Best Sup· porting Actress award for her role as Miss Skelton in SEE HOW THEY RUN. Her favorite actingexperience was the role of the Wicked Aunt in THE CARRIER. She works for the Rackham Graduate School, and is a part-time graduate student in the U of M Department of Communication. CLIFF SHELDON (Co-Producer and Keller) served on the AACT Board for three years, one as Vice-President. He has worked with Thurston Players on and back stage for the past ten years, and is actively involved in the American Red Cross and Downtown Kiwanis Club. DWIGHT SMITH (Dunlap) Since Joining AACT in 1976, Dwight has been in the cast of many of Its shows, in· eluding SOUND OF MUSIC, WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION, and ORPHEUS DESCENDING. He has also been in· volved in set construction for many AACT productions. MARTIN SMITH (Brady) has been a Board member and past Vice-President of AACT, and has been seen in many of its productions, Including most recently PLAZA SUITE. He was prominent in the original production of ALIENS AND SCOUNDRELS. In 1984 he played Oscar Madison in The Black Sheep Theatre's production of THE ODD (Continued on next page) About The Company and Staff (Continued from previous page) COUPLE. Marty will soon be seen In the forthcoming motion picture release " Chameleon Street". CATHI TAAM (Props) A busy wife and mother, Cathi demonstrated a penchant for hard work when she simultaneously held the positions of Assistant Director, CoSet Designer, Co-Set Dresser, and prop person during the recent AACT production of ANGEL STREET. Thanks, Cathi, for " hangln' in there:· BILL TEPPO (Bollinger) a Pioneer high school student, was recently seen In the AACT production of BWES FOR MISTER CHARLIE. He has been very active in school plays Including SOUND OF MUSIC, THE MUSIC MAN, and ANNIE GET YOUR GUN . JAMES TOLER (Bert Cates) was last on trial in AACTs BWES FOR MISTER CHARLIE. His other (arguably) noncriminal appearances for AACT include ANGEL STREET (Mr. Manningham). FIFTH OF JULY (Kenneth Talley), ROMANTIC COMEDY (Jason) , and HEDDA GABLER (George Tesman) . He also served as Co-Set Designer for ANGEL STREET. JOHN VORUS (Toby) This is John's second appearance on the Mendelssohn stage: he played the role of Colin in Young People's Theatre, THE SECRET GARDEN this past Spring. He was also seen as Tom of Warwick In the Chelsea Area Players' production of CAMELOT. John is a sixth grader at Chelsea's Beach Middle SchooL and has been active in school plays as well as C.A.P:s Children's Theatre Workshop. JULIAN VORUS (Howard) appeared on the Mendelssohn stage this past spring as Dlckon In THE SECRET GARDEN. He was the Herald In the Chelsea Area Players' production of CAMELOT,as well as appearing in numerous C.A.P:s Children's Theatre Workshop productions. Julian is a tenth grader at Chelsea High School. Besides being interested in acting, his favorite pursuits are reading, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, hiking and collecting. lt'IARGE WARRICK (Vocalist) has appeared in several Gilbert and Sullivan Society productions, and will be seen this Spring in THE GONDOLIERS. She is a seven-year veteran of the University Musical Society's festival Chorus, and will perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony later this season. Margie's musical talents arrive on the AACT stage tonight after a number of theatrical performances In other cities. Margie's extraordinary voice was trained at Ohio State University. Tell us where it hurts. : 0 My life savings are in COs that are about to mature, but I'm not too happy about renewing them at such low rates. Now that Tax Reform has changed all the rules, I'm afraid that I don't have the right Investments anymore. 0 I'm worried about how I'll be able to pay for my children's college education. 0 I've Invested heavily in the stock market, and I'm worried the market will drop and take my Investments down with it. 0 I'm about to receive a large pension plan distribution. and I'm not sure how I should invest it. 0 I'm retired and thought I had enough saved to last through retirement. Now, I'm not so sure. Whatever financial " symptom " you may be experiencing. you should make an appointment to see us-the investment specialist of Integrated Resources Equity Corporation. We' ll listen to your problem and recommend an appropriate financial treatment. So Call us today-and just tell us where it hurts. 0 761-31.55 Jim Reisinger Integrated Resources Equity Corporation Memb<' NASD~IPC 315 E. Eisenhower Pkwy., Suite 11 Ann Arbor, Ml 48108 Mark Freedman Integrated Resources Additions to Crew List Renee Green SET CKEW (Cont'd,) Nusport Shoes 209 East Washington Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 3131662-9600 Doris Sperling Diane Caplis Marilyn Campbell Claudia Coen Victoria A. Arends Maggie Davenport Bob Seeman Nusport 200 East Washington Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 313/662-2272 /~ I~ "' All apartments come with running water. Ours come with 600,000 gallons of it. BE DARING Try a tiny drop of the fragrance that is noticed. Formulated by Christian D ior, Poison Esprit de Parium. 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Allmand O«lfhcy L. 8akf:r Mr.Jilck8cckcr~Ms. r:'.llen f"rosser Mr. et Mrs. Harry Benford I'Tedt:rlck etSue Beutler Annb' Rlchilrd 8h•cK Jimmy Holu 8ruce b' Mickey Bowman Bryn ISawr AMOCiates. Inc. John W. 8uckb« ~ona b' Ocorge 8unncll Oaleetlktty 8ur!Je" tunkc8urns Mr. er Mrs. Donald Cutcher Joy.::c f!ttRkhard Chubrough The Clague ramily Mr. b'Mrs. PhlllpCoUica Robert f!tt lt;u~n Doss Collins Mr. 4' Mrs. Albert Coudron Janet 4' Roy Crabtree Mr. &I Mrs. Oougln Crary Mr. &Mrs. Jack Craven Mr. t!f Mrs. Charles Cremin Mr. 4'Mr.r.. Jack Daly Mr. t!f Mrs. John r. Da ly Dempsey. Inc. Susan Dawson Carol &lynn Deniston Mr. &I Mrs. ThomnDicklnson J. Joseph Diedrich Or. t!f Mr.r.. ~ward r. Domino Dean t!f Doris Douthat Mr.&IMrs.Joseph~wards Th~ Hon. t!f Mr.r.. S.J. flden fnvlronmental Research lnsutut~ofMich. Jcro~t!fCarolynfpsteln Adcl~ fwell Josepht!fl1ancy rltzslmmons Phylllsl'oster Thomu H. l"ranks. Jr. Michael Gehringer Mr. t!f MB. Wagar A. mas Aronnen Mrs. Rob.,rt M"rchant H"!"n Met.zn"r Robert N Norma M"yers Dlck&G.,orgla M.,y.,rson Dr.~ Mrs. David Middleton Dr. N Mrs. William M!kkels"n Mrs. Maxin" Mile~ Mr. N Mrs. Jack M. Miller Mr. &Mrs. Horace Miner 1\elth Molin Alexander 6: Joan Moore Mr. 6: Mr~. Milton Moore Mr. &Mrs. Harlan J. Mulder Zelma R. Myers Mr.~ Mrs. George Nichols tlarryJ. &Shirley Nielsen Mrs. Barbara Oddy Char!.,~N Mr. It Mrs. William Rosenberg Rosemarie Rothe. Allanw. Rothe.& Maureen l'urlong Charle5/!tAnne !Iubin Mr./!tMrs. Robert Sawyer Mr. It Mrs. George Sexton 1Sruce5haplro Mrs. R.C. Shehan Dr. &Mrs. Howard Shevrln Or. David 1':. Shipman I':ttum. Jr Allce~JessleBourquln Paul Boylan ~~..~~:~~~~~t r. Brater Mr. & Mrs. Cart Brauer Mrs. frank X. Braun Mr. &Mrs. A!!"n P. Britton Dr. ~Mrs. Robert Brougher Mr.~ Mrs. Richard 1\. Brown Mr. It Mrs. How<~rd M. 6unch ~:=~ ~e~~~~gton Thomas c. Grove Marjorie Guenther Dorothy5. Haake Daryl &Mon..,., Hafler Mr. 6: Mrs. George Hall Dick~ K<~ren Hamp<~rl<~n HaroldH.Harg"r Herbert Harper ~!n\1=~~:~ Laura 15. Haw"" a.,org" &Lllllan Hay JamesltVIrglnlaHendley ~~~e~c~~ ~~hT~:~O:~rt Burt Patrlc:la M. Butler ~~a~-~ar~~';:~ ~a~~~~ Mrs. Phillip l'ellln c. William & H. Jane ferguson Martll'lKher lluthl'loyd JohnltCaroll'ord Marjorlel'orman Stlsan l'owler l':slherl'rank Mrs. A. James french rilckl!tfl'l'nl'urklotl Charles~~ 1\athryn G<1gllardi Gene GHunt The Oelehrter l"amlly Dr. l!t Mrs. Henry J. Oomberg Pearl Graves W. Gray Rick Green Mr. & Mrs. Morris Greenhut Atlee L. Grillot Ann Campbell n.unChang Mr. Mervyn A. It Marilyn l. Chase Dr. & Mrs, George J. Chatas James r:. Clark ~~:;r ;~~~~ C()h"n rrankC()I!!gan Dorothy Comins l':llz<~beth Conlin Barbara A. Cooper Gage ~ Helen Cooper Herrmann Jeanette Hescheles ThomuHlller Michael& Darlene Hochgn:ve Mr.l!t Mrs. Harry 8. Hogan Robert Hoisington r:dward l!t Dorothy Holden r:twood Holman Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert Howe Charlesl!tlrene Hurbls Mr. N Mrs. David Hustnl Gretchen Jackson Dale C. It James K. Jerome Anne H. Jones Mr. l!rMrs.l'. ThomnJuster AshoCr<~lne Marjorie Cripps Shutta Crum !'ran Curtis Mrs. Ralph Dally Mr. ~ Mrs. Philip Deats Pat DcLamlelleure Mr.l!tMrs. Joseph Diana MacDonald 6: Carolyn Dick Jean A. Olekoff James & Sylvia Dowty Mr. 6: Mrs. Don Dufek StevenJ.t\eating Mr. &Mrs. frank Kennedy Mr. It Mrs. Ted Kennedy. Jr. rrancesl\lllean 15-ctsyKing Mrs. Tessl\irkby Jerry Klein Jan" l':dward~ Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. l':dw<1rds Andrew&Kathryn !':Isenberg Martha !':Hen Mrs. F'hlllpJ. l':lvlng Mary l':ngllsh Margaret N. r:verett John W. It Gretchen fllrah DDS led/!I'Sophl.,l"arah Mr. &Mrs. Donald rarrand Dr.&Mrs. f. Robert fekety. Jr. lnke/!I'D<~vld felbeck Jamu&Joanna Kulik Wayne & Dorothy lamerson ISurtonl!tSallyLamkln Mr. I!Jt Mrs. Guy C. Larcom. Jr. Corrine Larson Janet Laughna Geraldine L.ewls Or. 6: Mrs. Paul Lichter ~a;e~-~~!ght Mr. l!rMrs. l':dw<1rd Loyer William &Jane Lurkin~ Sus.anna S. Mackay Carol H. M<~gee ~~-: ~:. ~~:~r ~: ~=~~lis Mrs. M. Mazrul D.J. McCarty Mr. & Mrs. ~rnnt McCarus Ruth &Amanda Mcl':lya Or. John R. McLean Hugh &Charli McLelland fulrla Laarmanl!tNicholas Melma RichardltMirlam Meisler Jerry 6: Rhonda Melsllk Dr. It Mrs. 6arry Miller Leigh & Dorothy Miller ~Iva Mlnuse Or. l!t Mrs. David Moehring The Moore family ~~~;~~~~~~~:..drd M!. 'rbshlkoNagamatsu WIII&Jean Navarre Cecil &!':the! Mubltt Mr. N Mrs. Marvin L. Niehuss Thomas&Judlth Nl~wonger RobertO'IIrlen !':lien Offen Mrs. Jeanne V. Ogle Deborah K. Olson Paul It Shirley Olson Dr. 6: Mrs. llobertO'Neal Charles ~Grace Oxley Mr. A.L. P<~ge Mr./!tMT5. Howard .1':. Parker Dr. &Mrs. 6everly Payne Jutlth A. Pence Mr. It Mrs. ISradford Perkins Joanf'l:rros Mr.l!tMrs. Robert W. Phillips Robert Platt Jeffrey It Dcbor<~h Pickell Or. r:dward c. Pierce Mr. l!tMm. Roy Pierce Mr. 6: Mrs. Richard L. Platte Mr. & Mrs. Robert Plummer Wllllam&LobPorter Mr. &Mrs. Roy Proffitt Mr. & Mrs. Doglas Reading Mr. &MTll. John Reed Mr. &Mrs. Harry Regen~trlt;f M<1ry Reilly l'rederlckRemley Anton Rlzz<~rdl t5radford J. Roberts Mr. Randall Roberts ll.athrynRobeson OavldL.Rodgers Rlchardl!tPam Roselle Mabel Rugen Rosemary Ru~M:II Mr. Henry M Scharg ~~;~:m&;'~~\~ 7Schleslnger Haren ~Rusty Schumacher. Jr. Gerard ltl'rancesSconetd Lawrence D. Segel MJ'$. John Siano Myrtle Silverstone Stt;phenSkelley KarenL.Smlth Martin Smith Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith Mr. It Mrs. r:. J. Soop Mrs, I'.K. Sparrow Mr. R.l':. Spokes Carl It Mary St~del Or.&Mrs. l':dStuheff AnneS. Stone Dr. &Mrs. Bruce Stubbs ~: ~ ~~ro~:;:ca .. Dr. It Mrs. Michael Szmanskl !':.J.Thom<~s ~~~~~~~:;hompson Mr. 6: Mn. Louis Trubshaw Do loresTummor1ds Jeffreyl!itRachellellrlst Maney Urqulola Henry G. Velker Matt & Martin VIla Prof.~ Mrs. Wllll<~m S. Vorus Lawrenceltl.ynn Waggon"r JamesW<~lker Or. l!t Mrs. Jullu~ Wallner Mr. ~ Mn. Richard WalterhouM: Mrs. Raymond Warzynskl Dr. It Mrs. AndrewS. Watson Mr. Sti':Wart R. Watson. Jr. ~;a": :e:~~~~n Wegryn ~~':!a~a~.lyw~~~~ Howard L. Wikel Mr. It Mrs. J. W. Wilkins l'ranki!JtMlney Williams Liese! Wolter Bill Woolf lsraei&l'ayWoronoff Ron<~ld l!rCatherlneWuerth Patricia Wulp Roger l!t 6etty laue! Andrew Zwelfler Mr. It Mrs. Richard K.olb Or. & Mrs. John Konnak ~~~~.:rs~. ~':,~ Lippitt Mary H. Long Mr. & Mrs. Peter Long Acknowledgements Pete Gibbons Huron Camera Service, Inc. J & F Fruits and Vegetables WUOM Rock Solid. MarketWise. If anyone can show you new and better ways to make money, it's Prudential-Bache. 325 East Eisenhower Pkwy. Ann Arbor, MI48104 313-769-8700 Bank with the professionals who care. 0 Citizenillust Ann Arbor • Bnghton • Chelsea M1lan Area • Sal1ne • 994·5555 MemoerFDIC Lf:tZ/; ANN ARBOR'S WORLD-CLASS WINE SHOP 995-1818 S. FOREST at S. UNIVERSITY 9AM 'til MIDNIGHT EVERY DAY DESIGNERS I BUILDERS / NURSERYMEN VU.lAGE CORNER ~~gns Dr»~ 2351 East Delhi Road Ann Arbor I 663-0313 fiii\1 ~ 117 e. liberty Fash1onable luggage from famous French of Cahfornta. recog 4 nrzed the world over for fine craftsmanshtp, exqursrte fabrics and beautrful leathers. 333 E. William 662-8200 WILKINSON LUGGAGE SHOP Luggage-Gifts-Handbags-Briefcases Ann Arbor Civic Theatre r/L\~ Ann Arbor Civic Theatre CORPORATE SUPPORTERS offers a round of rousing The following businesses have been most generous in their support of the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, for which we offer our gratitude and applause! to the COPORATE SPONSORS of our 1987-88 Main Stage season. CORPORATE SPONSOR The Ann Arbor News Dobson-McOmber Agency, Inc. Conlin Travel Agency Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith Applause! Your interest and support help to assure the continuation of professional-quality, affordable community theatre in the Ann Arbor area. NBD-Ann Arbor, N.A. CORPORATE BENEFACTOR Warner-Lambert Company THE ANN ARBOR NEWS September 16-19 Plaza Suite Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre CORPORATE CONTRIBUTOR Action Rental Center Bryn-Mawr Assoc., Inc. MTS, Inc. Newman Computer Dempsey, Inc. Environmental Research lnstitute of Michigan Exchange The Stanley Works Foundation WAAM Whitehall Broadcasting Whitehorse Associates CONLIN TRAVEL AGENCY The Real Thing November 18-21 Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre Yes, My Company Is a Corporate Supporter of Our Community Playhouse, As Follows: .$t,OOO.OO 0 Guarantor. 0 Benefactor . 0 Star . 0 Contributor . · •·· ..... ... . ... .. . . . . .. ..... . . . ~~~~~ $500.00 $300.00 $100.00 METHOD OF PAYMENT I~~~~~I NBD-ANN ARBOR, N.A. Side by Side by Sondheim December 16-19 The Power Center 0 Check encl., payable to Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 0 I wish to make a pledge in the amount of $ _ , to be paid over _ _ _ years. Please bill me. Company Name - - - - - - - - - - -- Contact - ----,I"N• ""me '"'l, - - - -- --:rroc.;,"'•l': - - - Address - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Phone, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ Return to: AACT, 338 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, Ml48104 CONTRIBUTIONS TO AACT ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE I ~0~-~ •• / DOBSON-McOMBER AGENCY, INC. Inherit The Wind February 24-27 Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre I ;.,"'"'"""1 P.« Pierce Fenner ~ &Smith Inc:. MERRILL, LYNCH, PIERCE, fENNER & SMITH May 18-21 The Music Man The Power Center

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