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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Noises Off, June 19, 1996 image
Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
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ANN ARbon Civic ThEATER CENTEnsrAq£/FoorliGim PnoducrioNs PRESENT ~()IS~S ()t=t= A coMEdy by MickAEl FRA)'N DiRECTEd by ThoM JoHNSON JuNE 1 9 · July 6 WEdNESdAy T~iRU SATURdAy AT 8:00pM ANd SATURdAY MATiNEES AT 2:00pM ANN ARboR Civic ThEATER PlAyliousE 2 2 7 5 PlAn RoAd Fon rickrls ANd iNfORMATiON~~~~------------~ CAll 9 7 1-AACT NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn Thorn Johnson, Director Cast in order of appearance: Dotty Otley Kyle Marie Lloyd Dallas Larry Ruslnsky Garry LeJeune Scott Mancha Brooke Ashton Bethany Rae Veltman Poppy Norton-Taylor Jeanne B. Hlcks-Caselli Frederick Feliowes David Andrews Belinda Blair Carla Mllarch Tim Allgood Jim Knapp Jr. Selsdon Mowbray Steve Ryder ACT ONE: Act One, the living room of the Brents' country home. Wednesday aftemoon. (Grand Theater, Davenport, Iowa, Tuesday, June 18th) ACT TWO: Act One, the living-room of the Brents' country home. Wednesday aftemoon. (Theater Royal, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Wednesday matinee, July 10th) ACT THREE: Act One, the living-room of the Brents' country home. Wednesday aftemoon. (Municipal Theater, Terra Haute, Indiana, August 10th) There will be two 10 minute Intermissions Total running time: 2 112 hours The cast of NOISES OFF are performing a play called NOTHING ON. PRODUCTION STAFF Director Assistant Director. Co-Producers Set Design Set Builder Costume Designer Properties Lighting Designer Ughts Poster Art Photographer Costume Crew Stage Crew Set Crew Thorn (TJ) Johnson Martha Montoye Cassie Mann Joyce Casale Barb Wells Bob Seeman Cheryl Berteel Chuck Griffin Thorn (TJ) Johnson Joyce Casale ZacJohnson David Burkam Barb Wells, Bob Seeman, Chuck Griffin, Joan Korastinsky Tom Sparks, Rachael Gessert Jim Barnes, Cheryl Berteel, Elizabeth Brabbs, Kevin Brady, Dana Buck, fan Dempsey-Corbett, Lisa Mavek, Carolyn Norton, James Polk,Steve Ryder, Janet Weer, Kyle Marie, Keenan Biondo, Kendall Kennedy Biondo, Julie Biondo, Kimberly Ryder, Kyle Ryder DIRECTOR'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Tom Steppe, Suzi Peterson, Markus Wischmeyer, Jay Pekala, Most Old Guys Softball Club DIRECTOR'S NOTES I'm asked to write directors notes. I've only got a quarter page to give an Insight of the production. It's not enough space to say what a pleasure It Is to have a play that has, as Its one purpose, entertainment. Mark Twain prefaced Huck Finn by writing that anyone attempting to find meaning in the book would be shot. Like that, NOISES OFF is just for fun. In Act II you will see the play from backstage, a rare glimpse behind the scenes. But way behind the scenes you will never see how hard these actors had to work to mount this production. I was constantly In awe of the talent and dedication of my cast. It is a joy for us to present this play to you for your total enjoyment. BEHIND THE REAL DRESSING ROOM DOORS "NOISES OFF" KYLE MARIE (Dotty Otley/ Mrs. Clackett) is making her second appearance in an AACT production. Audiences may (or may not) remember her as "Ruth" in BLITHE SPIRIT. She's been over acting (on stage) for more than lwenty years, with groups such as Hattland Players and the Saline Area Players. She has three children (one of each) and enjoys the escapism of the theater now more lhan ever, (since their births) . CARLA MILARCH (Belinda Blair/ Flavia Brent) has been on stage since the age of nine when she made her debulas "Little Nell" in DIRTY WORK AT THE CROSSROADS. She subsequently acted her way across America in shows such as THE TEMPEST, THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE and FEFU AND HER FRIENDS in venues from Amarillo, Texas to Williamsburg, Virginia. Most recently she has been seen in MARY KAY IN THE AMAZON, COME CLEAN and THE HEADHUNTERS SISTER, in New York City. This is her first Civic Theater production. SCOTT MANCHA (Garry LeJeune/ Roger Tramplemaln) is currently pursuing a degree in Theater Arts and Journalism at Eastern Michigan University. This is Scott's second time on the AACTstage , but he is no newcomer to Civic Theater. For the past lwo years he's been behind the scenes designing lights and helping out in the scene shop. When not at Civic, Scott can be found battling it out, sword in hand with The Ring of Steel, an Ann Arbor based stage combat group. STEVE RYDER (Selsdon Mowbray/ Burglar) has been involved in theater for 25 years and in over 40 different productions. This is his second with AACT, the first being "Drake" in ANNIE . His most recent appearances were as "Shylock" in Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE and "Organ" in Moliere's TARTUFFE. Steve makes his living as a magician, specializing in children's entertainment. He currently lives with his lwo kids, Kimberly and Kyle, and wishes to thank them for being so patient during all those rehearsals. He adds that it has been ~ playing such a fun character like Selsdon and wishes to thank this cast for such a great time!! BETHANY RAE VELTMAN (Brooke Ashton/ Vicki) is an enthusiastic newcomer to the AACT. Her recent roles included ''Vera Claythorne" and "Emily Brent" in separate productions of TEN LITTLE INDIANS and "Frenchy" in the musical GREASE. She is a member of Players at EMU, where she is a senior and majoring in Communicalions and Theater Arts. She has traveled in the international troupe, "Up with People", where she traveled all over the United States and other countries, including Australia. She wishes to thank her wonderful families, ones who have traveled the distance both by planes and through love and support. DAVID ANDREWS (Frederick Fellowes/ Phillip Brent) was a passenger aboard the ill-fated ship "Sea Venture", that was caught in a tempest and stranded on a reef in Bermuda in July of 1609. The passengers and crew built lwo new ships from the wreckage, and reached their destination of Jamestown, Virginia, in May of 1610, only to find the colony decimated by starvation and hostile natives. He had returned to England sometime before 1620, for he attempted to reach Virginia aboard the "Mayflower, • which landed instead at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in November of that year. ) >·t'· ) •·t'-.. • LARRY RUSINSKY (lloyd Dallas) has no bio To have a bio, you have to get a life Anyway, what will ~ maner in 100 years if you don, know anything about this guy? Billions and billions of Chinese don, know and don, care. Your date doesn, care. You're nervous. You're pretend1ng to read bios to avoid awkward conversation Anyway, here's some Information that you can r1111ly use: the Ladies room is the fifth door to the right of the drinking fountain , down the hall to your left. Hall of you go there. Everybody else, down one more door. The curtain will rise '" three minutes. TJta gars of the world are a conmnt quantity. For aach one who baglns to weep, ~•where else, another stops. The same Is true of the laugh. Porzo, from Waiting for Godol, by Samuel Beckett JIM KNAPP JR. (Tim Allgood/ Company Manager) Is thrilled that he finally has more than ten lines in an AACT production. He appeaned ea~ier this season in AACrs production of AS YOU LIKE IT as "William" and in last season's PICNIC as •somber Gutzel". Jim has also ' -- - - - " appeared on the Civic stage in his high school's production of THE MIRACLE WORKER as "Captain Keller.. , THE MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1_.0 as "Eddie McCuen•, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN as "Charlie Brown•, THE CRUCIBLE as "John Proctor.. and BRIGADOON as •Tommy Albright• ( a.k.a. The Gena Kelly role). Jim is less well know for, though equally proud of, his many Impressions, which include Jimmy Stewart, Elvis, Bob Dylan's impression of Elvis, and 1 very happy sheep. JEANNE B. HICKS-CASELLI (Poppy Norton-Taylor/ Asslmnt Manager) makes her debut on the AACT stage in NOISES OFF. She is a Sixth grade teacher in Chelsea and is married to a stage manager/director, so she finds performing useful In many areas of her life' She is currently a graduate student in Theater at E.M. U. Jeanne's favorite roles Include "Lea" In MY SISTER IN THIS HOUSE, "Dragons" in TALKING WITH, "Isabelle" in MEASURE FOR MEASURE, AND •Dotty" in NOISES OFF. Like "Poppy," she really did play 1 mule once. Jeanne wishes to thank her family and friends and her husband Tony for putting up with her "linle hobby." THOM JOHNSON (Director/ Lighting Designer) T J directs a show about every three years It t.kes him that long to recover the experience. His directing experience s Include THE DINING ROOM, THE DAY THE WHORES CAME OUT TO PLAY TENNIS and THE DEATH AND LIFE OF SNEAKY FITCH. He would like to thank his tremendous cast who survived angry dogs, numb knees, and out of control table saws. Outside the theater, T J has 1 regular job, does not jog, and smokes an occasional cigar. MARTHA MONTOYE(Assistant Director) has been assistant directing at AACT for eight years starting with the production BIG FOOT STOLE MY WIFE, where she met T .J. They have been friends ever since so when he asked her to help with NOISES OFF she said "SURE!", not knowing that her help would be needed in two other productions for AACT. (SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION and BYE BYE BIRDIE both of which will be done later in the Season) NOISES OFF has been a hilarious experience! When she Is not at the theater, Martha Is 1 decorator at Ann Atbor Paint and Wallpaper. CASSIE MANN (Co.producer) This is Cassie's first experience as 1 producer for AACT. She has, however, directed and acted in many productions over the past twenty y. .rs. mosc recently playing the eight women's roles in this season's hit, JEFFERY. Cassie hopes to take her new found respect for producers with her as director of Center Stage's SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION this fall, and wishes to thank Joyce Casale for her exemplary efforts as coproducer. JOYCE CASALE (Co-producer/lights) has been an avid AACTtheater goer for many years. She has no "real" theater experience as an actor or behind the scenes person. Joyce has enjoyed working on NOISES OFF and learning the ropes from Cassie Mann . In the near future, Joyce can be seen as an occasional usher or ticket taker at AACT events. In her spare time. Joyce enjoys spectator sports, especially baseball, and traveling to major and minor league baseball parks across the country. CHERYL BERTEEL (Costume Designer) came back to AACT to help with costumes for SOUTH PACIFIC and hasn, let since. She has assisted with costumes, set and props forM BUTTERFLY, THE MIRACLE WORKER and THE PIANO LESSON, among others. Cheryl will be costuming our first musical of the 96-97 season, MY FAVORITE YEAR. She enjoys going to Las Vegas and taking cruises whenever she can CHUCK GRIFFIN (Properties) NOISES OFF marks the end of his first year with AACT and what a year" has been I DUling his first year, Chuck has been set builder for PRIVATE LIVES, JEFFREY and RUR. He has also been on the run crew for these shows and M BUTTERFLY. In addition he did props for BLITHE SPIRIT and RUR and sound for ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD. Chuck thought that would be his last show of the season until he was asked to do props for NOISES OFF. To round out the season Chuck also took on the challenge of stage manager for SECRET GARDEN. This was an experience he found to be very enjoyable and rewarding. He can, wait to see what next season brings! BARB WELLS (Set Designer) once again begins the season as set designer for the first Mainstage show of the season. She has done the set design for THE NERD and THREEE SISTERS. She was also principally involved in several other shows. Barb presently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors, and continues to serve as AACrs rental agent for costumes and furniture. Somewhere in her spare time she works for the U of M Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health. BOB SEEMAN (Set Builder) survived the cycle of the four seasons once again. In the fall he co-designed AS YOU LIKE IT for AACT. Winter was spent as designer for OLIVER (YPT) and SNOW AND MISTLETOE (Gabriel Richard High School) and co-producing BLITHE SPIRIT (AACT). Springtime being what "was, he spent most of the time Indoor designing sets for ROBIN OF SHERWOOD (Junior Theater), ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (YPT) and BRIGADOON (Gabriel Richard High Schoo~ . He also served as technical coordinator for the Huron High Players production of THE CRUCIBLE and YPrs PETER PAN. AACT announces the first musical production of the 96-97 season Book by JOSEPH DOUGHERTY Music b) STEPHEN FLAHERTY L)ncs b)· LYNN AHRENS Based on the motion picture ..My Favorite Year.. Directed and Choreographed by RONALD P. BAUMANIS Thursdays through Fndays at 8 00 p.m. SEPTEMBER 5 - 21. 1996 See Season Brochure for T1cket Information or call 313-971-2228 Coming to SaUne This Summer! Repair & Restoration for Furniture with Experience Andrews Restoration r '-------7~9_"-_'._11_1i_·c_hi_·g:~A-ve_n_ue -- - - -· --~ tJ MMha Montoye (313) 662-6690 (W. St.dlum) W.-l Window TI"Htment SliM Ann Arbor Paint & Wallpaper Inc. "ll~~ 4573 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor. Michigan 48108 23116 W. StadlumiiiYd.,- Arbor, Michigan >18103 Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 1996-97 Season My Favorite Year Ma Rainey's Black Bottom by August Wilson March s ·B. 1997 Lydia Mendelssohn Theater by Joseph Dougheny. Stephen Flaherry & Lynn Ahrens September 5 · 21. 1006 Playhouse on Plan Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare October 2 · s, 1000 Lydia Mendelssohn Theater \ 1 Sb0~S· I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick November 13 - 30. 1996 Playhouse on Platt The Sisters Rosensweig \0 ~-~ e~ u• Bye, Bye Birdie Hamlet by William Shakespeare January 30- February 15, 1997 ""~e City by Larry Gelban, cy we~~il~a~~;,r~:~ 0;03:~;~~; Coleman & David Zippel May 7 · 10, 1997 Lydia Mendelssohn Theater t\\)e by Michael soewan, Charles sorouse & Lee Adams January s. 11. 1001 Lydia Mendelssohn Theaoer by to te<:.\l'oS' \<:. t~).tS Medea by Euripides June:>· deau" _,eats • Piayhouse on Platt "{\'\e \ast, at\d 't-ee~ "' ) \st. Taming of the Shrew )\llJ by William Shakespeare Playhouse on Plan 2;1, 1997 July 9 - .26. 1997 Playhouse on Platt Pick up a brochure in the Theater Lobby or call 3 13-971-2228 to order your tickets or for more information 1Ue ,'te ~ , el- 4afe( Saturday, August 17, 1996 Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Playhouse 9:00AM - 4:00 PM (rain or shine) Costumes, Furniture, Props, PLUS thousands of items donated by AACT members! Bring the kids for some real family fun!

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