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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: The Syringa Tree, May 07, 2009 image
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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Board of Directors Darrell W. Pierce -President Paul Cumming -Vice President Fred Patterson, Kevin Salley- Treasurers Matthew Rogers-Secretary Brittany Batell Kathleen Beardmore Joyce Casale Rob Goren Douglas Harris Nathaniel Madura Lindsay McCarthy Cynthia Straub Ken Thomson Advisory Board Anne Bauman - Chair Robin Barlow JohnEman Robert Green David Keren Ron Miller Deanna Relyea Judy Dow Rumelhart Ingrid Sheldon Gayle Steiner Keith Taylor Sheryl Yengera Suzi Peterson Cassie Mann Managing Director Program Director Eileen Goldman Emily Perryman Office Manager Volunteer Coordinator 322 WEST ANN STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 48104 box office (734) 971-2228 office (734) 971-0605 WWW.A2CT.ORG Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Opening night May 7, 2009 Arthur Miller Theatre The Syringa Tree By Pamela Gien Directed by Alex Bisker Assistant Director! Stage Manager Producer Alexa Ducsay Andrea Van Heerde Sound Design Costume Designer Set Design Matt Glenn Shawn McCulloch Michael Bou-Maroun Lighting Design House Manager Set Construction Betsy Lynch Pam Wenzel Graphic Designer Troy Van Heerde MarkBatell Assistant House Manager Amy Plouff Amy Plouff Sound Board Operator Porscha Kazmierczak Light Board Operator Publicity Photos Tom Steppe Program Layout Rachel Francisco Amber Southwell Produced through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Serivces, Inc.. From the Director The Syringa Tree has proven to be an exciting and challenging piece to direct. At first, I was afraid that tackling a show about Apartheid would be too daunting. How do you distill such a complex subject, spanning so many decades and regimes, into an hour-long play? Fortunately, Gien's personable and rich characters insured that the true star of the show is not the horrible system of oppression, but the spirit of the people who endured. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the immensely talented cast and crew. They jumped into the process with open minds, and together we discovered humor and humanity within this beautifully written play. Hopefully, you will too! Enjoy the show. AlexBisker Director is the insider's guide to all things Michigan. From family gatherings to romantic nights for two, to nights out with friends, is your resource to make every outing a memorable one. With information that covers everything from music and movies to literary events and the arts scene, is the best place to go when you're looking to go out. Visit today! mlive .COI11 Everything Michigan is the online home of 8 Michigan papers including The Ann Arbor News. The Cast ED KOSTER (DOCTOR AT HOSPITAL/ GRANDPA GEORGE) is appearing in his first role at GORDON BARNETT (DOMINEE) A long-term veteran of the local stage, Gordon has been seen in Ann Arbor Civic Theatre's productions of Tom ]ones {Thwackum),The Tempest (Gonzalo), The Music Man (Mayor Shinn) and The Strawberry And The Kaiser (Sigmund Freud). A past board member of Comic Opera Guild for 13 years and its vicepresident for 10, he has also performed with Dexter Community Players and, since 1986, with The University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Gordon thanks his wife Carol, daughter Jennifer and grandson Gavin for encouraging him to find his inner child, and his good friend and mentor, Victor Douvan, for introducing him to local theatre 'lo these many years ago. the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre. In fact, it is the first time he has been on stage since he played in a college production of Billy Budd in 1961. He is delighted that he now has the time to get active in civic theater. MARY KOWALSKI (EUGENIE GRACE) The Syringa Tree is Mary's second show with A2CT (she got to try out another dialect in Stage Door)! Long before that, she was involved in shows at EMU (The Robber Bridegroom, Measure For Measure, The Secret Garden, The Trial ofTom Sawyer) and at UM (Basement Arts and Rude Mechanicals). Mary works for Washtenaw County by day, but her heart belongs to the stage. Thanks again to Mom, Dad, Jenny, Brian and Jason, and to everyone who carne to see the show! MARK F. BATELL (DR. ISAAC GRACE) is pleasantly surprised to be playing another doctor in an A2CT show. As always, he sends his love and thanks to his daughter Brittany for all her support and encouragement. His advice for all that ails you: See two A2CT shows and call him in the morning. SARAH ASH COMBS (ELIZABETH GRACE) having made her theatrical debut as a chain-smoking divorcee at the tender age of four, Sarah appreciates the irony in Syringa's liberation of her inner six-year-old. Growing up in London, Sarah trained at The Anna Scher Theatre School and with The Royal National Theatre's youth company. Stateside, while studying Theatre and Dance at Princeton University, she performed lead roles in the off-Broadway premieres of The Same Sea and Mirror Missie. Incidentally, Sarah is also a newly-minted MD; yes, she is taking the long- though undeniably authentic - route to medical drama TV stardom. LYN DAVIDGE (GRANNY ELIZABETH, MRS. BIGGS) is excited and amazed to be making her seventh annual appearance with A2CT. Not bad for someone who never set foot on stage 'til after retirement! Most recently she was seen as Martha Freud in The Strawberry and the Kaiser, but her friends seem to remember best her dress-removal scene in Lysistrata. She's thrilled now to help bring this moving story to life and to work with such a talented group. Thanks to Alex for the opportunity and to Art for his willing support. ANGELICIA (ANGEL) MORTON (SALAMINA) was introduced to A2CT through Kathleen Beardmore and has never been happier. While this is her first A2CT production, she has been very active with SoYouSay Productions with the University of Michigan. Past productions include Mrs Lamama, Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery; The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could, Vagina Monologues; and The Whatsit, Venus and the Hottentot. This moment is for those whose name will never be spoken and whose life was never lived. Today, as I do everyday, I remember you. ELIANA PIPER (LOESKA) is a senior at Greenhills School and delighted to be in her first A2CT production. Past credits include Into the Woods, The King and I, Once on this Island, The Tempest, A Winters Tale and Henry IV Part I as well as many other various productions. She has also been a member of her high school's competitive public speaking team for four years. Elie would like to thank her whole family for being so supportive. Enjoy the show! DAVID WIDMAYER (SARGEANT POTGEIER, JOHN GRACE, FATHER MONTFORD) is bewildered to find himself in the vibrant cast SHA JAMES (ZEPHYR, PETER, PEITROS, DUBIKE) is senior at The University of Michigan. He is of The Syringa Tree for his third production with A2CT, after The Tempest and Exit the King. He thought he had instructed his friends and family to help him manage his time better by restraining his dramaturgical whims, but the occasional audition notice in his inbox might as well read, "Free pizza and Battlestar Galactica marathon!" His favorite things are pizza and Battlestar Galactica. from New York and studying Political Science. His biggest influences are Will Smith and Denzel Washington. He would like to thank his mother, Deborah Beamon, for always supporting him in his dreams and ambitions. Look for Sha in the new Hilary Swank film Betty Ann Waters which will be in theaters this fall and When All is Lost which is an inductee in the Traverse City Film Festival. Special shout out to The SJBR, Cause Baby He's a Star! TIFFANY WILLIAMS (MOLISENG/IRIS) has had such a blast working on The Syringa Tree! While this is her first show with A2CT, Tiffany has been lucky enough to be a part of other productions at the University of Michigan including Marisol, As You Like It and Our Lady of 121st Street. Tiffany would like to thank Alex for all of her hard work and support throughout this entire process! The Production Staff ALEX BISKER (DIRECTOR) is delighted to be working on her first A2CT production. She is a recent graduate of the BFA Directing program at the University of Michigan. Past credits include The Full Monty, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Marisol, and Red Light Winter. She has also worked on numerous shows as an assistant director, including Tales from Ovid, Our Lady of I 21st Street, Mnemonic, and Assassins. She would like to thank her cast and crew for all of their hard work- bravo! ANDREA VAN HEERDE (PRODUCER) has performed on and off stage on several productions with A2CT since 2004. She would like to thank Cassie and Suzi for graciously taking her calls day or night. Additional thanks go to the cast and crew because without them this story would not have come to life. Love is sent to Troy, Shani, and Denease. ALEXA DUCSAY (ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/STAGE MANAGER) has been addicted to theatre for the past fourteen years, and has stayed involved in any way possible acting, dressing, set building, and anything else that comes her way! Past shows include Arcadia, The Laramie Project, and A2CT productions of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Into the Woods, and Lend Me a Tenor. Many thanks to Alex and our great cast for making this show such a wonderful experience! SHAWN MCCULLOCH (COSTUME DESIGNER) just finished his second year at The University of Michigan in its BFA Design & Production Program. Shawn has recently designed Kiss of the Spider Woman and will be assistant designing Evita in the fall. Shawn would like to thank any and all people who helped him through a very difficult year. "If it weren't for all of you, I have no idea where I would be now. Thank you." This is Shawn's first Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Production. MICHAEL BOU-MAROUN (SCENIC DESIGNER) just finished his second year at U of M as a BFA Theatre Design and Production candidate for 2011. Past scenic design credits include U of M Basement Arts: Polaroid Stories, The Last Days of judas Iscariot, and Summertime; Senior Directing Thesis,Marisol (in conjunction with the Theatre Dept.); MUSKET: Kiss of the Spider Woman. Other production credits include Michigan Shakespeare Festival: julius Caesar, All'$ Well That Ends Well (Properties Master), U ofM: As You Like It (ASM), The Changeling(lstASM) Gas lines Backflow testing 734·663-6643 boothplumbing Jeff Booth - Master plumber ELIZABETH LYNCH (LIGHTING DESIGNER) is a fourth year student at U of Manda BFA candidate in Design and Production. She is concentrating on light and set design but enjoys all aspects of live production. Past Credits: Student: The Pi/lowman- Light Design, CommshowLight Design. University: 42nd Street- ALD, ).B.- ALD. MATT GLENN (SOUND DESIGNER) is thrilled to be working on his first A2CT show after sound designing numerous Basement Arts shows for the U of M theatre department, as well as Kiss of the Spider Woman for MUSKET. Hailing from Maryland, Matt is a sophomore music technology major where in addition to sound design for theatre, he enjoys studying voice on the side. Thanks to the parents for sustenance and to all of my friends-you respect my nerdiness and I flat-out love you all. AMY PLOUFF (ASM, GRAPHIC DESIGNER) is a junior Art and Design major. This is her first A2CT production. She has recently been involved with MUSKET and has Assistant Stage Managed as well as set designed for Basement Arts. She just finished stage managing The Goat,: or Who is Sylvia? She is excited to work with all these new people. Amy would like to thank her family for putting up with her busy schedule. 114fW~o-rv Vow n.tow V\1 A V\,f\.1 Arbor www. CU'"borbreMJ ~ C0111I 734-213-1393 Time and Place johannesburg, South Africa 1963-Present Scenes In and around the Grace's home. Elizabeth is 6 years old. Boragawath Hospital The farm, Clover University ofWitwatersrand, 1976. Elizabeth is 20years old. Johannesburg 1976. Moliseng is 14 years old. America Johannesburg Present Day There will be no intermission voi;ed ohe of "i;he wot"td's i;op 2.5 food mat"kei;s, b!f food & w;he great tastes available everyday from 7am to 1Opm We'll bring the Zingerrnan's Experience to you. Zingerman's Catering specializes in combining the most exciting and flavorful food we could unearth, guaranteed to make your meeting or party the talk of the town! The Cast order of (in appeara11ce) Elizabeth Grace ........................................................ .Sarah Ash Combs Salam ina Mashlope ......................................... Angelicia (Angel) Morton Eugenie Grace ............................................. .................. Mary Kowalski Dr. Isaac Grace ............................................................... .. Mark Batell Zephyr............................................................... ... Sha James Beamon Peter Mombadi ... ................................................. .. Sha James Beamon Loeska (Lucia) Hattingh .............................................. ..... .Eliana Piper Moliseng Elessebett (Elizabeth) Mashlope ..................... .... Tiffany Williams Dominee Hattingh ......................... .................... ....... ... Gordon Barnett Pietras ....................................... ..... ............. ....... ..Sha James Beamon Iris Kgobane .............. ................................................ Tiffany Williams Dub ike ................ ................................................. .Sha James Beamon Grandpa George .......................................................... . ...... .Ed Koster Sargeant Potgieter................................ ......................David Widmayer Granny Elizabeth .......................................... ................ ... Lyn Davidge Father Montford........................................... ........... .David Widmayer John Grace ............................................................... David Widmayer Mrs Biggs ... ............................................ ......... ... ............. Lyn Davidge Best Wishes for a Successful Season BUTZEL LONG A'rTOilNEYS AND COUNSt:LOII.S Ann Arbor Office: 350 South Main Street, Suite 300 • 734 995 3110 Ann Arbor Bloomf,eld Hdls Boca Raton Detro1t Holland Lons1ng New York Palm Beach Wash M P 1'\ NY Qyality 887·H55 • 1ve .com Everything Michigan ~ yellowbook· Deloitte. .....,.THE- ANN ARBOR NEWS COMMITTED • CONNECTED • COMPLETE BUTZEL LONG ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS • a Fifth Third Bank proudly supports Ann Arbor Civic Theatre's 80th Anniversary Season. FIFTH THIRD BANK The things we do for dreams~ Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC.Gl Equal Housing lender. Special Thanks to: Our sincerest gratitude to the individuals and organizations that helped make this event possible: STAC Aut Bar Libby Brooks Mary E. Byrd Glenn Bugala Mark Gordon Mark Haviland Haley Hankins Arts in Motion Gretchen's House Erik Wright-Olsen Richard W Lindsay Troy R. Van Heerde Anyone who volunteered their time to help make this show a success! 2008 - 2009 A2CT Season Donors This performance and all of our current season's programs would not be possible without tbe support of tbe following people: BLOW .OUT THE CANDLES- $1,000 + Sue and C. E. Gingles David and Mary Keren Fred and Margaret Patterson Darrell & Alison Pierce Edmond J. Reynolds ICING ON THE CAKE - $500 + Ann Arbor Community Foundation Betsy and Robin Barlow Kevin Binkley Linda and Charles Borgsdorf Martha Campbell Don and Pam Devine Robert Green Herbert Katz Matthew and Suzi Peterson Steward David and Stephanie Pyne Catherine Thoburn SPRINKLES ON THE CAKE - $250 + David and Sandra Anderson MarkBatell Kathleen Beardmore and Bob Skon Jeff and Sue Booth Charles A. Carver LynnD'Orio Judy Dow Rumelhart Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden Brenda Kensler Peter Niedbala Charles and Amy Roehrig Marci and Andrew Rosenberg Nan Wirth ICE CREAM- $100 + Mary J. Adamski David Andrews Marian and Charles Allmand Harlene and Henry Appelman Linda Lee Austin Leslie Austin and Brad Vincent Leo Babcock and Family Dr. James Barnes Anne and Richard Bauman Richard and Elissa Benedek Harry Benford Fran and Mark Berg Paul and Susie Berneis The Berry Family Ralph Beuhler Suzanne and Fred Beutler Wilbur C. Bigelow Eunice Burns Joyce A. Casale Brenda Casher Cathy Cassar George Cassar Ann B. Cassidy Dan and Muriel Converse Merle and Mary Ann Crawford Tiff Crutchfield Paul Cumming Amy and Phil Dabney Tanya, Tawna and Damon Dabney Lyn and Art Davidge Jean and John Debbink Margaret Diebold Jim and Lois Dowling Allan Dreyfuss Carol and John Eman Rachel Francisco and Timo Anderson Margaret and Howard Fox Amelia and Mary Franceschi Margaret Gaugler Clement and Margo Gill Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Glysson Rob Goren Rodney Grambeau Linda Haffey Brian Harcourt Janet and David Harms Douglas Harris and Deborah Peery Susan Harris Jan and Dave Hartmann Rose and John Henderson Debbie and Norman Herbert Jane and David Hughes David and Phyllis Husted Thorn Johnson Ed and Martha Kimball Leo and Christine Klausner Bob and Annette Koeble Dick and Ginny Koester Seymour and Dorine Kroll Fred and Ethel Lee Jean Leverich The Lighthammer Family Catherine Lilly Mary Louise Lowther Cassie Mann and Tom Steppe Ann and James Mattson Lindsay McCarthy Carmen and Jack Miller George A. Miller Ron Miller Martha Montoye Robert A. Moore Gig Olsen Michael and Mary Ann Parr Pearlman Family Kim and Larry Perlman Patricia J. Pooley David and Jamie Renken Barb and Kelly Rigney John and Marilyn Rintamaki Matthew & Emily Rogers Harold "Hal" Rothbart Dave and Caitlin Rowe Larry Rusinsky Walter and Lois Scott Mary Ann Sellers Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon John and Roma Siller Robert and Elaine Sims Gene and Darlene Smith Anthony Snoddy Betsy and Vern Soden Eva and Ed Solomon Ines Storhok Karen and Mike Szymanski John M. Tartaglia Ken Thomson Robert C. Urbanic Andrea Van Heerde Richard and Vickie Van House Bruce T. Wallace Ken Warner Deborah Welsh Ellen Woodman David A. Wright Erik and Amy Wright-Olsen Sam Zwetchkenbaum BIRTHDAY CAKE- $80+ Peter and Daphne Adams Jacqueline and Robert Anderson Paddy Ash William and Patricia Austin Gerald and Meridel Avrin Kathleen Bainbridge Carl A. Brauer Jr. Dennis and Carol Becker Mark Bernstein The Berry Family Cheryl Berteel Dave, Ruth and Sam Blackburn David J. Boes Glenn Bugala and Emily Perryman Frances Bull David Burfoot Ann Cassidy Alex Cave and Deborah Orlowski Jack Cederquist Albert and Alice Chambers Dixie and Charlie Cocagne Shirley A. Donnelly RuthP. Dorr Melissa, Jennifer, Alexis & Jon Elliott Helen Emmons Susan Fisher Rich Fortner Garris, Garris, Garris & Garris Doris and Leslie George Eileen and Laura Goldman Alan Goldsmith VernaGoss Cozette Grabb William A. Gracie MD Mary K. and Jerry M. Gray Marguerite Harms Lexiomara Harris Mary Hathaway Robert and Elizabeth Herbst Janet Woods Hoobler Carolyn, John and Alexander King Bob and Annette Koeble Jim and Barbara Krick John and Margaret Laird Dale Larson William and Judith Lynn Kingsbury Marzolf Kellen and Maggie McCoy Carolyn Moehrle Kittie Morelock Patsy Morita Y. Marcheta Morley Greg Morris Mary and Amir Mostaghim Ruth E. Munzel Joan Muskovitz Mary Anne Nemeth Suzanne Northway Laura Olsen Randall and Janet Peacock Robert Pichler Tamara Real John Reiser Jim and Jackie Ritchie Samuel and Irene Rupert Marguerite and Marshall Shearer Wendy and Mike Sielaff Martha Soper Gayle Steiner Chris and Sue Szymanski Emily Twanmo and Tom Stockton Shirley Thornton Olive and Raymond Thursby Jeff and Betsy Warren Esther Warzynski Carol W. Weber Erin Webster Tracey Wentz and Chuck Blackmer Sandy and Sarah Wiener Betty and Bob Wurtz Sheryl and Shekar Yengera Catherine Zudak We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact A2CTfor corrections. Dance and Music Classes forToddlers,Boys, Girls and Adults WHY CHOOSE US? •Our three dance studios have sprung floors (2 marley, 1 hardwood) proven to help prevent injuries and allow dancers to dance longer. We also have 3 professionally tuned music rooms for music lessons and rehearsal space. •Our energetic teachers have a positive teaching style which helps to develop selfconfidence and encourages self-expression. •Smaller Class Size A maximum of 8 children in our pre-school and Beginning Dance Classes, 12 students in classes for older students ensuring that dancers get personalized attention. •Ongoing Programs Classical Modem Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Latin Dance, Swing, Line Dancing, Creative Movement, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Exercise •Discounts offered for multiple classes •New Programs Private and Small Group Music Lessons Instrumental, Voice and Percussion Recreational Drum Circle- 1st Sunday of each month 1st Friday Ballroom Dance Parties Capoeira Workshop- 1111, 8, 15, 22 •Student Dance Company •End of year concert in June Register Now call 734/222-6246 to schedule an appointment Take a Virtual Tour: Dance and Music Studio 2841 Boardwalk Dr., Ann Arbor

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