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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Picasso at the Lapin Agile, November 19, 2009

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Board of Directors Advisory Board Darrell W. Pierce- President Paul Cumming- Vice President Kevin Salley- Treasurer Jean Leverich-Secretary Fred Patterson- Treasurer Emeritus Lisamarie Babik Brittany Batell David Beaulieu Kathleen Beardmore Joyce Casale Rob Goren Douglas Harris Matthew Rogers Michele K. Desvignes Schilling Cynthia Straub Ken Thomson Anne Bauman - Chair Robin Barlow JohnEman Robert Green David Keren Ron Miller Deanna Relyea Judy Dow Rumelhart Ingrid Sheldon Gayle Steiner Keith Taylor Sheryl Yengera Suzi Peterson Cassie Mann Managing Director Program Director Eileen Goldman January Provenzola Office Manager Volunteer Coordinator 322 WEST ANN STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 48104 box office (734) 971-2228 office (734) 971-0605 WWW.A2CT.ORG Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Opening night November 19,2009 Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre Picasso at the LapinA~ile Book by Steve Martin Directed by Thorn "TJ" Johnson Producer Assistant Director Set Dressing Joyce Casale Michele Leshan Susie Berneis Stage Manager Lighting Designer Costumes AndrewHoag Nathaniel Madura Cheryl Berteel Set Design/ Lead Builder Sound Designer Hair & Make-up Cathy Cassar Bob Skon Kyle Marie Set Artist Publicity Photographer House Manager Tom Steppe Pam Wenzel Debra Jean-Smith Golden Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French From the Director I saw Picasso at the Lapin Agile in Chicago in the mid 90's and fell in love with the show. Although it supposedly takes place in 1904, the ideas, language and references span the entire 20th century, so, in a way, it is timeless. So don't be surprised if the costumes and mannerisms are not strictly "turn of the (last) century:' The debate of what drives a century, art or science, is at the core of this play, but if you know anything about the playwright Steve Martin, you know that it will not be, in any way, a dry discourse. Picasso and Einstein are joined by an array of characters who all help to reveal our biases and hopes for the future. In our first decade of this century, much like the characters in this play in the first decade of their century, we are looking both to the past and into the future trying to find our place. Thorn "TJ" Johnson, Director Common Language- Common Language Feminist/LGBT Bookstore also Theatre, Movies and the Arts lautl BAR 315 Braun Court Ann Arbor 734-994-3677 Common Language Bookstore 317 Braun Court Ann Arbor 734-663-3677 Cast in Order of Appearance Freddy .......................................................................................... Adam Weakley Gaston .................................................................................... Jimmy Dee Arnold Germaine .................................................................................... Mouse Courtois Albert Einstein ........................................................... David ''Mums" Widmayer Suzanne ........................................................................................ Heather Liebal Sagot .................................................................................................. Mark Batell Pablo Picasso ..................................................................................... Matt Roney Charles Dabernow Schmendiman ................................................ Trevor Maher Countess ................................................................................. Alexandra Berneis Young Admirer ............................................................................... Allison Porta Visitor ...................................................................................... David L. Putman ~a.;,n....-,_Wt ........... .._• .--.c..p• ..-... ...... ..,..,~ ~-tlt.irjtly...t-·"--.-z.--•,.-. IMPOSSIBLE MARRIAGE DinEIIIdbJJ-~--~ _ b y .... ......., li'riobJ. ~htlpm ~.Delzlllbcr5atllpm l'lillq. llelzollbmolllll:llpm -.Joor,llelzollbm-Ulll:llpm Sllluby. Dec:mllll.... 6:d: 2 pm .AJm.ArilarcmcSbJdia.,._ ! D W . - - AIIIIAzitar,MJ481M r.: ...,.,zn_Tidll!ls ....,SlD/$.1.5 1116... 7U/97].Me51 734J'Jn.27&!1 I txat -7!4/971A2t:r :z:t:I8J The Cast ADAM WEAKLEY (FREDDY) This is Adam's first time onstage with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre and he's liked working with this cast and crew very much. Adam last appeared as Garry Essendine in Noel Coward's Present Laughter with PTD Productions. When off stage, Adam spends his daytime making cars more expensive, and his evenings with Scooby,Aidan, and Sally. He hopes you enjoy watching this show as much as we enjoy making it. He'd like to thank his family for putting up with his absence during rehearsals and to thank you all for coming. Oh yes, he also likes pie. JIMMY DEE ARNOLD (GASTON) Jimmy Dee is pleased to be working again with TJ. The two met 20 years ago while performing in A2CT's production of Lysistrata, Jimmy's first show with A2CT. Since then, Jimmy has been involved in 39 A2CT productions: 17 plays as an actor (!leading role, 8 supporting characters, and 8 cameo parts), 10 musicals (!leading role, 23 supporting characters, and 6 chorus parts), 8 backstage crews (2lighting techs, 1 sound tech, and 5 set crews), stage managed three times, and directed 3 shows. He has a career total of 91 overall productions with a 31/19 record, 6 saves, and an ERA of 9.75. But hey, who's counting?? His favorite A2CT shows include: Tom jones (director, 2006), A Thousand Clowns (Murray, 2006- also under the direction of Mr. Johnson), Oliver (Fagin, 1991) and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Hysterium, 2008). He sends his love to Linda, )ames,)) and Becca. MOUSE COURTOIS (GERMAINE) Mouse is totally smitten with theatre. Recent endeavors include performing in Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All for You and The Real Inspector Hound, assistant directing Return to the Forbidden Planet, and a ton of rushed costuming out of a tiny apartment. This is her first production with A2CT. Mouse studied theatre arts and gender studies in college. While currently unemployed, she is always busy knitting, spinning, sewing, sketching, walking, reading, and thinking. DAVID "MUMS" WIDMAYER (ALBERT EINSTEIN) Mums is so jubilant to be a part of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, his glee approaches maximum levels asymptotically. Einstein famously derided quantum mechanics with the phrase, "God does not play at dice:' He forgot that the universe does not always conform to our expectations. But if we remain open to receive it, we can all taste a glimmer of genius every once in a while. David hopes he recognizes that moment when it arrives. HEATHER LIEBAL (SUZANNE) Heather is marking her second season with A2CT, and she's excited to be making her foray in absurdist comedy with such a great cast and crew. Previous local credits include Lend Me A Tenor (Maggie) with A2CT and The Mousetrap (Mollie). She'd like to thank Alicia and Nikki for putting up with her, as well as all those who continuously support both her and local theatre. MARK F. BATELL (SAGOT) As always, Mark wishes to thank his daughter, Brittany, for her constant love and support. She gets her talent from him, and he'd like some of it back now, please. The audience concurs. MATT RONEY (PABLO PICASSO) Matt couldn't be more thrilled to be making his A2CT debut in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. A recent University of Michigan graduate with a liberal arts degree requiring a deceptive amount of explanation, he works as a freelance writer in Ann Arbor. He secretly likes Matisse. TREVOR MAHER (SCHMENDIMAN) Trevor, who sells all natural products through Maherlux Health and Wellness, is happy to be involved in theater in his newfound community. His past credits include Playboy of the Western World, Threepenny Opera, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Rabbit Hole, Macbeth, Phedre, and Ghosts, all in Kalamazoo area theatres. When he's not pretending to be a genius, he's usually pretending to be something else. He wants to thank Laura for her love and patience. ALEXANDRA BERNEIS (COUNTESS) Alix is glad to be back treading the boards; she was last seen onstage with Civic in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum as Gymnasia, the whip-cracking courtesan. She has played numerous roles with A2CT and other area groups, including Michigan Classical Repertory Theatre and Dexter Community Players. Recently, though, more of her time has been taken up pursuing a master's degree in historic preservation at EMU. Alix and her mother also manage A2CT's costume stock in their "spare" time. She would like to thank the cast and crew for her chance to return to the stage, if only momentarily, and Jeremy, for making her into the woman with the long red hair. Thanks also to Andy, the farn, and all the friends who support her and remind her to breathe. ALLISON PORTA (YOUNG ADMIRER) is excited to be a part of her first A2CT production. Past credits include Into the Woods, Reefer Madness, The Exonerated, and Good Person ofSetzuan with EMU Theatre and Hello, Dolly!, Fiddler on the Roof, Talking With ... ,and The King and I with other theater groups. Having recently graduated from Eastern Michigan University, Allison is filling her day hours working with horses and will soon begin substitute teaching. She would like to thank her family for all their love and support, especially Seth. DAVID L. PUTMAN (SINGER/VISITOR) is thrilled to be in his second production with A2CT. Previous roles include Armand St. Just in The Scarlet Pimpernel with A2CT, Bernardo in West Side Story with the All City Players, and the Major General in The Pirates ofPenzance with Young People's Theater, among many others. David is a devoted writer, actor, martial artist, and video garner and would like to thank his parents Tony and Lisa and the CSTS ACT team for all their support. Fifth Third Bank proudly supports Ann Arbor Civic Theatre's 80th Anniversary Season. FIFTH THIRD BANK The things we do for dreams~ Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC. Gl Equal Housing lender. The Production Staff SUSIE BERNEIS (SET DRESSER) Susie is usually seen onstage (most recently in Follies and The Producers) or behind the scenes handling costumes. Set dressing for Picasso at The Lapin Agile is a delightful change for her. CHERYL BERTEL (COSTUMES) Cheryl has done costumes for many of T)'s shows as well as other Civic shows, including Harvey, The Sound of Music, Moon Over Buffalo, and others. A past president of A2CT, she is employed by The American Red Cross. She would like to say "Hi" to her family, although none of them live in this area. So no one would see it. Oh, well. Anyway, on with the show! JOYCE CASALE (PRODUCER) Joyce is a Civic Theatre board member and the exclusive producer for TJ when he directs a show. She enjoys the change of pace that comes with working on A2CT projects. By day, Joyce is the MEA representative for the school employees from Livonia Public Schools. She enjoys baseball, especially cheering for the Detroit Tigers; and hanging out with her two favorite guys (TJ and H)). She looks forward to the day when she has less stress in her life and more time for fun. CATHY CASSAR (SET DESIGNER/ BUILDER) is pleased to be lending her talents to her 23rd A2CT production, this time as the set designer/builder. She is very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group. When not in a theater, Cathy is a professional civil engineer working on a wide variety of roadway projects in the Midwest and Florida. She would like to thank her family and friends for all their support. Enjoy the show! DEBRA JEAN-SMITH GOLDEN (ARTIST) has worked on sets as a designer and painter for more years than she cares to admit Favorite set paintings include the double sided Kandinsky for Six Degrees of Separation, a storybook for The Snow Queen and pages for Into the Woods at A2CT. Other set paintings include Mornings at Seven for Redbud Productions, and Three Little Pigs for Performance Network Children's Theater. She has been known to ac~ write, direct, and design posters, too. No, she doesn't do lights. Debra has an MFA in painting and has works in many public and private collections. She presently teaches elementary art and attempts to find time for her "real" paintings. ANDREW HOAG (STAGE MANAGER) is filling that role in his fourth theater for a Civic show. Previous A2CT SM credits include A Little Night Music, A Thousand Clowns, and Moon Over Buffalo. Andrew has also produced, directed, performed, and designed, chiefly with A2CT, the Saline Area Players, and Chelsea Area Players. Favorite onstage roles include Joseph Wykowski in Biloxi Blues (A2CT), Noah Curry in The Rainmaker (A2CT), Tyler Moss in Crossing Delancey (SAP), Rooster Hannigan in Annie (SAP'S 2nd production), and Senex in ~ .. Forum" (CAP). He is currently "Michigan retired." As ever, love to Alix. THOM "T)" JOHNSON (DIRECTOR) TJ has been involved with A2CT since the early SO's as an actor, director, stage manager, and lighting designer. His previous directing credits include Noises Ojf.A Thousand Clowns, You Can't Take it with You, and the notorious Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch. He is really excited about this production because of his marvelous cast (both new and familiar faces) and the exceptional script. When outside the theater (those rare moments) he works for U of M, plays softball in the summer, is co-owner of the Cracker Jacks fantasy baseball team, and plays trivia all year long. Thanks to all, especially JAC MICHELE LESHAN (ASSISTANT DIRECTOR) attempts to achieve puns both inside and outside the theater. She frequently finds these highly humorous opportunities out in the world and at A2CT, where Picasso is her 14th show, with most of her time spent assistant directing or stage managing. Other AD/SM experience includes: The Children's Hour (MATC Players in Madison, WI), Broadway Tribute to judy Dow Rumelhart (Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra), A Christmas Carol (Wild Swan Theater), The Glob (Blackbird Theatre), Marvin$ Room, The Heiress, and Wit (Redbud Productions); Oliver! (Chelsea Area Players), The Real Inspector Hound (MorrisCo Art Theater), and The Sorcerer (UMGASS). Thanks to the "best supporting spouse!" NATHANIEL MADURA (LIGHTS) Nathaniel is excited to be working with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre after a slight hiatus, in his time with A2CT he has been predominately a lighting designer, but has also been a producer, set builder, and backstage assistant. He has designed lights for numerous A2CT (main stage and junior theatre) productions, most recently he worked on Hair. Nathaniel has also designed shows for Emergent Arts, MCRT and the Michigan Pops Orchestra. During the day Nathaniel is an Engineer in Research with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. BOB SKON (SOUND) has been involved with A2CT for 9 years. He urges everyone to help support this worthy institution. "' ARBOR SPRINGS \IV Where running pipe is considered an art form. /\.. I ( H C <> f\11 J» /"\ N Y Qyalily cBouled Water Since 1926 Plumbing repairs & installations Natural Spring Water Water heaters (including tankless) Distilled Water Hot water & steam boilers Water softeners Hot & Cold Coolers Iron filters for home • office • factory Gas lines Backflow testing 1440 Plymouth Rd. • Ann Arbor 734-663-6643 (enter from Jones Drive) boothplumbing CALL FOR DELIVERY Jeff Booth - Master plumber 734-668-8270 JAN -FEB 2010 Tickets $16 &$18 Ladies Nite Out! Jan. 14th • food &fun More info at FOLLOW us ON: IJ tw'LL-1.::~ Curtain: All shows at 8 pm except Sundays at 2 pm Acknowledgements Special thanks to: Mark Hodash & Downtown Home and Garden Chris Pawlicki at Old Town Tavern Stop by before or after the show for dessert. Morning Pastries are 50% off after 5pm! Zac Johnson Richard Sherburne Mary Kowalski Pam Wenzel Matthew Steward And to anyone whom we may not have listed, or whom printing deadlines prevented us from listing, we apologize and ... thank you! Zingermon's is ' One of the Top 25 Food Markets in the World. •- Food & Wine 422 Detroit Street • Ann Arbor, Ml 481 04 • 734.663.3354 We're open doily 7om-l Opm. Becoming an A2CT Member The Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (A2CT) has been fostering a love of theater since 1929. We provide opportunities for all members of the community to participate in and attend quality theater productions. We value the development of creative talent, artistic and educational growth, and a stronger culture of arts awareness in the community. We could not provide any of these wonderful opportunities without the support of our members; as has always been true, revenue from ticket sales alone cannot cover our operating costs. Please consider becoming a member of A2CT and help foster a love of theater for years to come. Membership offers you: .; early notification of season ticket purchase .; preferred seating .; invitation to Members Only events .; voting rights at our annual membership meeting .; a listing in all of our show programs for donations of $50 or more .; the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting one of the longest continuously running community theaters in the country! Please contact us at (734) 971-0605 or visit for more information. 2009 - 2010 A2CT Season Donors This performance and all of our current season's programs would not be possible without the support of the following people: Producer- $1,000 + David and Mary Keren Fred and Margaret Patterson Darrell and Alison Pierce BENEFACTOR- $500 + Ann Arbor Community Foundation Kevin Binkley Charles A. Carver Don and Pam Devine Rob Goren Edmond J. Reynolds Matthew and Suzi Peterson Steward DIRECTOR- $250 + Mark Batell Kathleen Beardmore and Bob Skon Booth Plumbing & Heating Linda and Charles Borgsdorf Brian Harcourt Douglas Harris and Deborah Peery LynnD'Orio Judy Dow Rumelhart Marci and Andrew Rosenberg Nan Wirth STAR- $100+ Marian Allmand Leslie Austin and Brad Vincent Linda Lee Austin Anne and Richard Bauman Richard and Elissa Benedek Fran and Mark Berg Paul and Susie Berneis Suzanne and Fred Beutler Joyce A. Casale Brenda Casher Cathy Cassar George Cassar Jack Cederquist Dan and Muriel Converse Merle and Mary Ann Crawford Paul Cumming Lyn and Art Davidge Jean and John Debbink Allan Dreyfuss Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden Carol and John Eman Helen Emmons Margaret and Howard Fox The Franceschi Family Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Glysson Rodney Grambeau Robert Green Brian Harcourt Mary Hathaway Rose and john Henderson Russell and Norma Hurst David and Phyllis Husted Thorn johnson Ed and Martha Kimball Leo and Christine Klausner Bob and Annette Koeble Seymour and Dorine Kroll Fred and Ethel Lee jean Leverich The Lighthammer Family Mary Louise Lowther Cassie Mann and Tom Steppe Ann and james Mattson Carmen and jack Miller Kittie Morelock Peter Niedbala Gig Olsen Patricia ). Pooley David and Stephanie Pyne David and Jamie Renken Barb and Kelly Rigney john and Marilyn Rintamaki Charles and Amy Roehrig Matthew and Emily Rogers Harold "Hal" Rothbart Dave and Caitlin Rowe Larry Rusin sky Kevin and Mary Salley Walter and Lois Scott Mary Ann Sellers Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon Robert and Elaine Sims Cindy Straub Ken Thomson Richard and VickieVan House Ken Warner Erik and Amy Wright-Olsen SPONSOR- $50+ Peter and Daphne Adams jacqueline and Robert Anderson David Andrews Gerald and Meridel Avrin Wilbur C. Bigelow james and Darlene Brozovich Frances Bull Howard Bunch Ann Cassidy Alex Cave and Deborah Orlowski Albert and Alice Chambers joyce Chesbrough Dixie and Charlie Cocagne Gene Curry Shirley A. Donnelly C. William and jane Ferguson Susan Fisher Rich Fortner Wayne & Isabel Francis Garris, Garris, Garris & Garris Margaret Gaugler Eileen Goldman jean and Thompson Hammonds Marguerite Harms Robert and Elizabeth Herbst Bill and Betsy Kincaid Bob and Annette Koeble Dick and Ginny Koester jim and Barbara Krick Dale Larson Heather Liebal Nora Maloy Nelson and Catherine Meade Carolyn Moehrle Martha Montoye Patsy Morita Tamara Real john Reiser Samuel and Irene Rupert Wendy and Mike Sielaff Karen Smith Betsy and Vern Soden Martha Soper Gayle Steiner Karen and Mike Szymanski john M. Tartaglia and jane Foote Shirley Thornton Carol W. Weber Betty and Bob Wurtz Catherine Zuda Sam Zwetchkenbaum We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact A2CTfor corrections. Michigan Commerce Bank is pleased to continue to support Ann Arbor Civic Theatre during their 2009-2010 season MICHIGAN COMMERCE BANK -Serving and Supporting Our Community from tlie Corner of State d P.isenliower Since 1990 2950 State Street South • Ann Arbor, MI 48104 • 734.887.3100 Handicap Accessible • Ample Free Parking Come in, call, or click Member FDIC Experience authentic cuisine and ambiance. ~· CARSON'S /llironGli!Bi6tro • 2000 Commonwealth Plymouth west of Green 326 S. Main St. 341S.MainSt. ocooccooccc 347 S. Main St. 322 S. Main St. Pick your dining pleasure in Ann Arbor! Reservations: 1-888 456-DINE The Crew Set Construction Thorn Johnson MarkBatell Mouse Courtois Adam Weakley Melissa Elliot David Putman Allison Porta Heather Liebal Martha Montoye Michelle Smolarski Caleb Newman AndyHoag A2CT presents a very special evening with FOUND Magazine's Davy Rothbart Friday December 11,2009 at Kcrrytown Concert House Two shows: 7:30pm & 1Opm Adults: $20; Students $10 Proceeds to benefit our Studio Series and Playing Around program for new and emerging Playwrights and Directors Call for tickets: (734) 971-2228 lUlJ(rS (lOll SAIJl COFFEE !lUllS !JAKE lll\EA'f DOJ.IDAY IHI'fS AND A2C'f !lUllS !lAKE A IJIUlAT SHOW OF SUI'l'OilT! BUY ONE 'l'ODAY IN 'I'Dil LOBBY ONLY $5.00 PICASSO AT Tlllr LA~INAGIL~ Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre November 19-22, 2009 NIH~ Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre January 14-17, 2010 Arthur Miller Theatre March 11-14, 2010 T~ LAB.AMI~ :Pl\O.:Ji'~CT Arthur Miller Theatre May 6-9, 2010 BOW 'l''Q S'tFCC~~D IN B'USIHSSS W!TBQ'O!T l\~AL14T TB'EIHG Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre June 10-13, 2010

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