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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Doubt, March 10, 2011 image
Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
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- - - - - - --Alct Ann Arbor Civic Theatre PRESENTS: [ ' MICHIGAN COMMERCE BANK Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Board of Directors Advisory Board Darrell W. Pierce-President Lisamarie Babik- Vice President Kevin Salley- Treasurer Jean Leverich-Secretary Fred Patterson- Treasurer Emeritus Brittany Batell David Beaulieu Kathleen Beardmore Joyce Casale Paul Cumming Rob Goren Heather Liebal Matthew Rogers Michele K. Desvignes Schilling Cynthia Straub Ken Thomson Anne Bauman - Chair JohnEman Robert Green David Keren Ron Miller Deanna Relyea Judy Dow Rumelhart Ingrid Sheldon Gayle Steiner Keith Taylor Sheryl Yengera Eileen Goldman Suzi Peterson Managing Director Cassie Mann Office Manager January Provenzola Volunteer Coordinator Laura Bird Program Director Shop Supervisor 322 WEST ANN STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 48104 box office (734) 971-2228 office (734) 971-0605 WWW.A2CT.ORG Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Opening night March 10, 2011 Arthur Miller Theatre DOUBT: A PARABLE Written by John Patrick Shanley Originally produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club on November 23,2004. Directed by Matt Martello Assistant Director Producer Stage Manager Alexa Ducsay Brenda Casher Alexa Ducsay Set Design Sound Design Matt Martello & Mishael Bingham Lighting Design Julian J ocque Nick Spencer Costume Design Technical Supervisor Penny LaMauvais Thorn Johnson Properties Master Michael Rudowski Graphic Design House Manager Brodie Brockie Sharon Guyton Cast Photographer Publicity Photographer Caleb Newman Tom Steppe Produced through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Serivce, Inc., New York NY I would like to personally welcome you to this performance of]ohn Patrick Shanley's Doubt, a Parable. This is by far one of my favorite newer scripts. I'd like to take a few minutes to try and explain why. For me, a truly great drama leaves questions unanswered. At the end of Death of a Salesman, we are left to wonder what will become of Biff and Happy? Will they ever get their lives together and achieve some level of fulfillment? What happens to the Magrath sisters in Crimes ofthe Heart after they have taken that brief moment in time to celebrate Lenny's birthday? Does Meg return to California and her failed singing career? Can Babe possibly hope for anything better than jail time after her trial? Doubt is one of those new great dramas. There will certainly be questions at the conclusion of tonight's performance. Is Father Flynn guilty of any wrongdoing, or is he the victim of an aggressive witch hunt? That is left for the audience members to decide. For me, I saw Doubt twice on Broadway, and had different reactions each time I saw it. Having the chance to direct it, I had varying reactions to the characters nightly. I offer a lot of credit to the four extremely talented individuals who not only took on the roles, but took on the role as students of this particular script. Sure, we went through the stage business and blocking, but we all chose to study and analyze this very important script along the way. Dorothy, John, Kimmy and Liz: I thank you for your efforts. Continuing with the "thank you's," I would like to thank Alexa and Brenda for all of their hard work during this production. I would like to thank A2CT in general for giving me the chance to direct in my personal "Big House" (I feel that anything with Mr. Miller's name on it would certainly qualifY). Finally, I would like to thank my father, Donald Kenneth Martello and Mr. Harry Wilcox for being my two greatest influences not only in theatre, but in my life. They are the two classiest gentlemen I will ever know. I do sincerely hope that you enjoy this performance of Doubt, a Parable. -Matt Martello CAST (in order of appearance) Father Brendan Flynn ............................................................ John Hill Sister Aloysius Beauvier.........................................Liz Greaves-Hoxsie Sister James .................................................................. Kimberly Elliott Mrs. Muller................................................................... Dorothy Burrell The play takes place at St. Nicholas, a Catholic church and school in the Bronx, New York in 1964. Crew Assistant Stage Managers: Christopher LeClair Michael Rudowski Costume Assistant: Raisin O'Mara Light Board operator: Mishael Bingham Set Assistants: Jim Rossman Pam Rossman Thank you! Joyce Casale Lance Fletke Rick Green Martha Montoye Performance Network Bob Skon Meaghan Thompson And to anyone whome we may not have listed, we apologize and... thank you! The Cast DOROTHY BURRELL (Mrs. Muller) is excited to be a part of Doubt: A Parable for A2Cf. She has only been acting for a year and has appeared in local theater. Her credits include Finding a Place Where Lave Hides, Head of The House, and Doubt: A Parable. She has also acted in TV corrunercials for Detroit Public Television. She enjoys golfing. baking and jewelry designing. She has a loving and supportive husband Ralph. KIMBERLY ELLIOTT (Sister }ames) is ecstatic to be working on her second A2CT production. She was last seen as Hedy LaRue in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Other credits include Lucy in Olarlie Brown, Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice and Gladys in The Pajama Game. She extends her wannest thanks to Matt, Alexa, Brenda, the cast, and everyone else who made this production a possibility. LIZ GREAVES-HOXSIE (Sister Aloysius) is delighted to be working with this talented cast, crew and production team on A2CT's production of Doubt: A Parable. Past credits include The Producers, with A2CT, and The Way of the World, and True West with other organizations. She thanks Matt. Alexa and Brenda for this opportunity. Liz also wants to thank her Canadian and Michigan family (with special thanks to Paul), and her friends of theatre, song, and day-job for their support and encouragement. JOHN HILL (Father Flynn) is in his first show for AZCT. john has a Master of Theater Arts degree from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) in Moscow, where he studied opera directing under Professor Boris Pokrovsky. His diploma project was a production of Ravel's [heure espagnole at Vanemuine Theater in Tartu, Estonia. John also has PhD in theater studies from the University of Michigan. JULIAN JOCQUE (Sound Design) is excited to be working on his first production with A2Cf. Julian has worked with sound for the Pioneer Theater Guild for 2 years. Productions include Footloose, Hairspray. Spelling Bee, and Oklahoma. julian is attending Pioneer High School as a senior. He has hopes of pursuing an education in Computer Science after his graduation. Julian would like to thank Mr.Astley for never letting him down. MATTHEW MARTELLO (Director) is pleased to be directing his first mainstage production for A2CT. In the past, he has directed BarbrilS Wedding and Earth and Sky for A2CT's Studio Series. He teaches Speech, Video Production and Contemporary Theater at Dexter High School. He is also the coadviser of the DHS Drama dub. Matthew would like to thank all ofyou for making the wise decision of turning offyour computers and TV sets in favor of supporting live theater. NICK SPENCER (Lighting Design) is a senior in high school, and is excited to be working with A2CT again. He has previously worked on How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. and hopefully will be involved in more A2Cf shows. He aspires to go to college at Western Michigan University for light design, and he thanks Mr. Martello for the opportunity to work on this show and others and the support he has given me. He also wishes to thank Ms Palmer for pushing him into drama and his parents for always supporting him. "' ARBOR SPRINGS VV/\f(H <
- Call or click for tickets! ~< soc•'-<' Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM "' ~ ums 734.764.25381 •==$.. Sat: 10 AM to 1 PM. ~ ....-. WE LOVE A GOOD MYSTERY! Give us a leak without a source, or an odd ticking sound ... Whatever the case, the Booth sleuths will solve your mystery! Booth Plumbing & Heating Company Residential & commercial plumbing service Specializing in hot water & steam heating systems 734•663•6643 hilarious musical withaudience interaction · · . 1~ . heartbreaking and hy.pnoli.c musical about Jackie O's eccentric relatives .......~=;.~1~ 0 "can't stop the beat' upbeat musical h20mi... . .".~,~ my mav 12 THRu JUne Boat: M~O'Omlei&TIIin>asMeehan t.lusic&l)Titl MaitShaman ,l)li:s:Soj!Wim 415 S. LAFAYETIE AVE., ROYAL OAK, Ml48067 Advance tickets online ., at 248-541-6430 c::!!!C 1111 All seats reserved 11m ~~~f~:wa~Di!J:~e:~right Spm Th-Sat, 2 pm Sun Arthur Miller Theatre Produced by special arrangement wlh Samuel French, Inc., New York Cly Tickets: Th.: $15, Fri.-Sun.: Adults: $20, Seniors (60+): $18, Students: $10 Miss Saigon June 9-12~ music by Claude-Michel Schonberg+ lyrics by Alain Boubil and Richard Maltby Jr. book by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boubil +directed by Wendy Sielaff Spm Th-Sat, 2 pm Sun I Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre Tickets: Th.: $17, Fri.-Sun.: Adults: $22, Seniors (60+): $20, Students: $12 Reservations & Info.: 734-971-2228 or A1ct .helps Ann Arbor Civic Theatre [ MlCHlGAN COMMERCE BANK Michigan Commerce Bank is pleased to continue to support Ann Arbor Civic Theatre during their 2010-2011 season MICHIGAN COMMERCE BANK -Serving and Supporting Our Community from tfie Corner of State d P.isenfiower Since 1990 2950 State Street South • Ann Arbor, MI 48104 • 734.887.3100 Handicap Accessible • Ample Free Parking Come in, call, or click Member FDIC

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