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Koch's Furniture Store

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KOCH'S Big Store

Man came into our store the other day and said that he wanted to buy Furniture and Carpets.
Which pleased us very much,
Said that he supposed it was pretty dull now.
We confessed that we didn't have to hire policemen to keep the crowds from falling over each other, and told him that we were willing to do a great deal to "ginger up" business and make things lively.
Said that we weren't so particular about getting big profits as we were about getting business.
And that if price had anything to do with putting Furniture Buying Enthusiasm in people's blood, we'd make it low enough.
Which put a very wide smile on the man's face, because he was a money-saver, and liked to buy things cheap.
And being a wise man, he saw here a golden opportunity.
So he bought all that he needed, and didn't stint himself because he knew the cbance would not be his forever.
And when he went away he was tickled all over, as men always are when they feel the jingle of "roubles " in their jeans, which have been judiciously saved.
To the Good Folks of Ann Arbor we want to say that our store is for every one. It's not a one man store.
Everybody can buy as cheap as the man did, and as much as he wants.

The Sale Is For 30 Days, No Lonqer.

Koch's Furniture Store

 300, 303, 304 SO. MAIN = PHONE 5O