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Congregation Church Marked By Friendliness

Congregation Church Marked By Friendliness  image
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Mrs. George Ainsworth, Mrs. E. R. Cowell, Mrs. Higley, Mrs. Childs, Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Goddard, Mrs. Ewell, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Barbour, M. G. Wood, Mary Wood, Louise George, Carl Lindegren, Mrs. Atwood McAndrew, Lillian Ashby, Lorinda Clifford, Ruth Sterling, Catherine Crabill, Mrs. Colburn, Arthur Beach (126029), O. Lloyd Morris (126030), Rev. Harvey C. Colburn (63259), Mrs. Frank Paine (126031), Mary Spalsbury (126032), Helen Gavett (126033), James Stanley (126020), A. G. Erickson (126021), Grady McKay (126022), E. A. Stron (126023), P. R. Cleary (126024), George Holmes (126025), M. W. Fairfield (126026), William I. Beal (126027), Holden I. Putman (126028), H. Z. Wilbur (126018), Carl Pray (126019),  W. P. Bowen (126017)