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Barton Golfers Are Still After Birdies

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BARTON HILLS PROUD OF SKEET CLUB: Members of the Barton Hills Country club have constructed one of the best skeet layouts in this part of the country and every Sunday afternoon, starting at 1:30, members of the club participate in an aftemoon of skeet shooting.

The shooting is done from eight different stations, seven of which are grouped around the semi-circle walk shown above. The eighth position is in the center of the walk between the two control stations.

At each position, the skeet shooter gets a crack at a bird thrown from the high house on the left and also from the low house in the center. The skeet clubhouse Is shown at the extreme right. It is heated and contains table, chairs and a radio for the comfort of the shot-gun artists. Barton Hills is planning to organize a team and schedule matches with other skeet clubs in this vicinity.

Barton Golfers Are Still After Birdies

What do Barton Hills golfers do when it gets too cold to shoot birdies?

The answer is that some of them shoot birdies just the same--clay birdies that come whirling out of control points at the Barton Hills Skeet club, located just east of the golf course at the bottom of the hill which leads to the clubhouse.

Along in November you see the skeet-minded members of Barton lugging their shotguns, isntead of their golf sticks, to Barton. The Skeet Club will be open every Sunday afternoon all winter. The firing starts at 1:30 and usually continues until dusk. On the average about 600 of the clay birds are thrown out for destruction each Sunday afternoon. Not all are blasted, however, as this business of skeet shooting is a difficult one.

Ward Is Best

There are eight positions from which the firing is done. This angle shooting is difficult. In fact, so difficult that Dr. M. L. Ward is the only one that has recorded a perfect score of 25 yet this season. And for many years Dr. Ward was one of the leading clay-pigeon shooters in the state.

Other good shooters at Barton are Bill Brown, Roche Shehan, Pete Van Boven, Paul Kempf and Jack Ervin. Others who usually drop around on Sunday afternoon are Paul Kempf, jr., Dr. Carl Badgley, Dr. A.C. Curtis, Dr. A. Kerlikowski, Prof. George L. Jackson, Neil Gustine, Ed Turner, Dr. Townsley, L. C. Andrews. Dr. F. Coller, George Burke, C. H. McKinley, R. K. Brown and John Bradfield.

Some Trick Shots

According to the members there are some unique shots on the club roster. McKinley, who it is rumored, hit one out of 25 shoots with the gun resting against his arm. This is easy on the shoulder but tough on the arm. George Burke shoots in the wild west fashion--from the hip.

The boys are now waiting for John Fritz to come out. He pooh-poohs the idea of using a shotgun and has promised to "show up the boys," using a squirrel rifle. Bill Brown never misses a Sunday but he always misses from the low house station.

The Barton Hills Skeet Club rates with the best in the country. It has electrically timed automatic machines for throwing out the birds. The shooting distances are regulation. The skeet clubhouse is equipped with a stove, chairs and radio.

Jack Erwin, chairman of the skeet committee, has appointed Bill Brown as team chairman. Brown will organize a team which will issue challenges to other skeet clubs in the state.