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Mrs. Georg Dies In Pennsylvania

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Memorial services were held in
the Michigan League chapel this
afternoon for Mrs. Katharine George, widow of Dr. Conrad Georg and formerly of Barton Hills, who died Saturday night in Lewisburg, Pa., after a long illness.

Mrs. Georg, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Haller,
lived in Ann Ar'oor until after the
death' of Dr. Georg three years
ago. She would have been 66 ye
old June 1. She was a forni. ,
'"unty president of the King's

ighters and her paintings and
coppercraft works had been ex-
hibited both here and in Lewis-

Surviving is a son. Conrad.
first --1--- -irivate in the medical
detai •orps at Carlisle, Pa.;

two ^Lip,,.;crs, Martica, an in-
structor at Bucknell University,
and Lucille, a bacteriological tech-
nician at Bucknell; a sister. Miss
Christine H. Haller; of Buffalo,
N. Y.; and a brother, H. Walter
Haller, Ann Arbor.