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Doc Jock, United States Army Remount Stallion

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The Services of Doc Jock United States Army Remount Stallion are being offered FREE to 4-H CLUB MEMBERS and FUTURE FARMERS (Regular Fee $10 with return)

Doc Jock is making available as fine blood lines as can be found in the United States. This horse has gotten wonderful foals in this territory all of which can and are being registered in the American Half-Bred Stud Book, Otis Building, Washington, D. C.

Harold Balmer, Dexter, owns the first colt secured by a 4-H Club boy in Washtenaw County. Straight-legged and as fine a colt as you will ever see, this foal is out of a grade light draft mare.

Write or phone C. J. Wageman, Local Agent, 1080 Stein Road, Telephone 2-2880, for your reservation now.