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News of Ann Arbor And Washtenaw County Men In Service: September 7, 1943

News of Ann Arbor And Washtenaw County Men In Service: September 7, 1943 image
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News Of Ann Arbor And Washtenaw County Men In Service

In Anti-Aircraft School

Lt. Roland C. Alexander, 26, of 3241 Forest Ave., Platt, who was commissioned as a coastal artillery officer in May, has entered and anti-aircraft artillery school at Camp Davis, N. C.

Entering service in Autust, 1942, he went first to Camp Callan, Calif., then to Camp Davis, where he received his officers training.  Completing OCS, Lt. Alexander was in Ann Arbor on a ten-day leave, after which he reported to Camp Edwards, Mass., from June 1 until Aug. 22, when he returned to Camp Davis.  

Prior to his induction, he was employed by the Riley Stoker Corp. in Detroit.  Lt. Alexander was graduated from Ann Arbor High school in 1935 and attended the University Architectural School for two years.

His wife, the former Carrol Elizabeth Harper, of Parkersburg, W. Va., is living in Detroit.  Lt. Alexander is the son of Mrs. Harriette L. Williams, of Forest Ave., and H. L. Alexander, of RFD 1.

Now a Specialist

Seaman LaMar C. Braun, 19, graduated Aug. 30 from the service school for torpedomen at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station and is ready to take a "specialist" job with the U. S. fleet or at some naval shore station.

After having had more experience on his new job, he will be eligible for petty office rating.

A June, 1942, graduate of Ann Arbor High school, LaMar reported to Great Lakes on Feb. 28 of this year.  Before entering service, he was a toolmaker for Hoover Steel & Ball Bearing Co.

LaMar is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George J. Braun of 230 Murray Ave.

Drives Tanks

Pfc. Dean Francis Spaulding, 20, of Spring Brook, who entered a tank division of the Army six months ago, is now in Camp Hood, Tex., driving trucks and tanks.

His first station was Camp Bowie, Tex., and a month later he was transferred to Camp Hood, where he received his rating of private first class three weeks ago.

Before entering service Spaulding attended St. Thomas High school and was employed as a truck driver for F. H. Conley.

Chief Clerk

Corp. Walter B. McLellan, 23, formerly of 2740 Packard Rd., is stationed at Jefferson Barracks as chief clerk for an Army Air Force squadron.

An Ann Arbor resident for the past four years, he graduated from Arthur Hill High school in Saginaw, and attended the University here for two years.  Until his induction, Corp. McLellan was employed as a bookkeeper for the Pontiac Varnish Co.

Reporting first yo Camp Grant, Ill., on May 3 of this year, Corp. McLellan was assigned to Jefferson Barracks shortly afterwards where he has been stationed ever since.  May 29, he became a private first class and July 1, his second stripe was added.

Both Corp. McLellan and his wife, the former Esther Hadley, of Gregory, were in Ann Arbor on his furlough from July 27 to Aug. 5.

He is the son of Mrs. Mabel McLellan, of 1223 S. Forest Ave.

Brothers in Service

Apprentice Seaman Harold F. Paul, 25, entered the Navy on Aug. 16, 1943.  Immediately upon induction he was sent to the Great Lakes Naval Training Station where he is presently stationed.

"Whitey," as his friends call him, graduated from Ann Arbor High school in June, 1937.

Before entering the service he was employed as a printing press operator by the Ann Arbor News.

Sgt. Walter Edward Paul, 23, brother to Seaman Harold Paul, is a military policeman stationed at Boeing Aircraft plant in Seattle.

At Boise, Idaho, he received his basic training, then transferred to Fort Lewis, Wash.  For two months he attended the Ordnance School, Automobile College, Nashville, Tenn.

Before his induction on July 27, 1942, Sgt. Paul was a supervisor at King-Seeley Corp.

Harold and Walter are sons of Mrs. Lydia Paul of 1859 Newport Rd.

Gunner's Mate

Eugene L. Staudenmaier, 19, was promoted to gunner's mate, third class, upon graduation, Aug. 30, from the service school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

He is now ready to take a "specialist" job with the U. S. fleet or at some naval shore station and is eligible for a petty office rating after gaining more experience on his new assignment.

Shortly after his graduation from Ann Arbor High school in January, Eugene enlisted in the Navy.  He was a member of the Pioneers' football team.

Eugene is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Staudenmaier of 1411 Coler Rd.

Back in States

Lt. Bernard W. Shaw, 27, who has been stationed in a Guadalcanal hospital, recovering from a wound suffered in engagements in that vicinity has telegraphed his mother, Mrs. Leveta Shaw, of Cathering St., that he has arrived safely in San Fransisco.


Robert "Bob" Trubey, 18, graduated Aug. 30 from a school for torpedomen at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.  He will be eligible for petty officer rating after gaining more experience on his new assignment.

A January graduate of Ann Arbor High school, Bob won letters in cross country.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trubey of 905 Fifth St.

Home on Furlough

Pvt. "Dick" Morehead stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., with the Tank Destroyer Battalion, is home on a ten-day furlough.

His wife, the former Peggy Windau, resides at 1017 E. Elizabeth.  Dick is originally from South Haven, but lived in Ann Arbor before his induction two years ago.

Becomes Corporal

Robert Steward, jr., 18, has added a second stripe to his sleeve at Camp Claiborne, La., where he is with an engineer regiment.

Corp. Steward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steward, sr., of 1510 Linwood, entered the Army on June 8 at Fort Custer, where he served as assistant barracks leader until Aug. 1, when he was sent to Louisiana.

In letters home, Bob states that the only thing a person could complain about down there is the heat.  "The food," he says, "is tops."

Graduating from Ann Arbor High school in 1942, Corp. Steward was employed at his father's store on Fourth Ave. prior to entering service.

Neumaiers Training

Corp. James E. Neumaier, 21, of the Marine Corps, has reported to the Navy Pre-Flight School at Athens, Ga., for a three month's course in advanced ground school subjects.

Corp. Neumaier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neumaier, of 818 Gott St., joined in the Marines in May, 1942, reporting to Fort Custer and then to San Diego, Calif., where he received his boot training and rifle training.

From there he went to North Island, off the coast of Calif., then to a 26 weeks' course in aviation mechanics at Jacksonville, Fla., and to pre-flight courses at Natchitoches, and LaFayette, La.

"Jim" was a St. Thomas High school football and basketball player, and attended college for one year in Ypsilanti before enlisting.

His older brother, John H. Neumaier, 24, is a staff sergeant in the Signal Corps.

Entering service a few days before Jim, on May 6, Sgt. Neumaier reported to Fort Custer and was sent to Camp Barclay, Tex. for his basic training.

On Jan. 25, he left for Camp Polk, La., where he was stationed for only five days, then going to Camp McCain, Miss.  In Mississippi he was made a sergeant, and also got together with Jim, who was stationed in Louisiana at the time.  

The only furlough between the two was one which John received in December as a result of having been in the hospital for six weeks following an operation.

June1, John was transferred to Camp Swift, Tex., his present post, and was made staff sergeant.

At Wooster College

Cadet "Bob" Kalmbach, 19, is stationed at the U. S. Naval Flight Preparatory School at Wooster College, Wooster, O.

Before his enlistment in the Naval Air Corps, Bob was employed as a watch repairer at Seyfried Jewelry Store.  He graduated from Ann Arbor High school in 1942, where he was active in football, basketball, baseball and softball.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kalmbach, live at 514 W. Liberty St.

New Ensign

Another brand new ensign from Corpus Christi, is David Lincoln Spencer, former University student, who graduated from the Naval Air Training Center on Wednesday.

A member of Sigma Phi Alpha and Phi Sigmas fraternities, Ensign Spencer was also a former student at Penn State.  He is a son of Mrs. Ella Briggs Spencer of Media, Pa.


James Campbell Everett, former University student was graduated from the Naval Air Training Center, at Corpus Christi Wednesday, and received his commission as ensign in the Naval Reserve.

While on campus Ensign Everett became a member of Alpha Delta Phi and Theta Nu Epsilon fraternities.

He is the son of Mrs. James C. Everett, of Miami Beach, Fla.