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With The Men In Service: November 5, 1943

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With The Men In Service

Follows Father's Footsteps

Wednesday, Nov. 10, will mark the first anniversary of Richard Albert Ward's enlistment in the Navy, and that day will also be the 26th anniversary of the day on which Richard's father, Lawson A. Ward, joined the Navy in World War I. Richard enlisted just 25 years to the day after the day his father first became a Navy sailor.

The 21-year-old Clinton man is now serving somewhere in the North African area and holds the rating of fireman, first class. After receiving his boot training at Great Lakes, Ill., Fireman Ward was transferred to Norfolk, Va., from where he was shipped overseas last July 25.

Dick, a former employe of the Kramer Machine Products Co. at Hudson, is a graduate of Clinton High school with the class of 1940. He also attended the NYA school at Cassidy Lake.

Fireman Ward

At Salt Lake City

Stationed at Salt Lake City, U., with a provisional squadron is Sgt. Raymond J. Schira, 20-year-old Whitmore Lake soldier who has been in the Army since Jan. 19.

Sgt. Schira, the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Schira, is a graduate of St. Thomas High school in Ann Arbor and was an employe of the White-Haines Optical Co. before joining the Army air Force.

After reporting at Camp Grant, Ill., Sgt. Schira received his basic training as an aerial gunner at Miami Beach, Fla., and then was sent to Tyndall Field, Panama City, where he was promoted to private, first class. At Sheppard Field, Tex., he was promoted to sergeant which rating he brought home to show off to friends on a recent furlough.

Sgt. Schira

At Pleasanton, Calif.

George Christian Bauer, 18, seaman second class, son of Mr. amd Mrs. Fred Bauer of 1824 Upland Dr., enlisted in the Navy, July 7, 1943. After training at Great Lakes and a leave home, George was sent to Pleasonton Calif. He also has the rating of gunner's mate.

George attended St. Thomas High school, leaving to work for the Cook Springs Co., before his enlistment.

George is one Ann Arbor boy who "really enjoyed boot training." He is a life-long resident of Ann Arbor.

George Bauer

Reported Tuesday

Edmond F. Devine, 2023 Seneca Ave., FBI man for the past two years, left Tuesday for Quonset Pointe, R.I., where he will take the aviation specialist's indoctrination course of the Navy.

Devine was sworn into the Navy as an ensign, August. 25, by Capt. Richard Cassidy, officer in charge of Navy men on campus.

After two months of training at Quonset Pointe, Ens. Devine will be eligible for admittance into the air combat intelligence.

Ens. Devine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B Devine, was graduated from the University Law school in 1940 where he was a member of Phi Deta Phi law fraternity; Barristers, honorary law society; served on the Law Review, and was semi-finalist in the Case Club competition.

As a result of his outstanding University record, he was awarded a scholarship to the Catholic University at Washington, where he received his master's degree in 1941.

While attending the University literary college, Ens. Devine was on the varsity track team three seasons, and became a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

Ens. Devine

In Aviation Radio School

Seaman first class, Louis A. Gainsley, 34, who resides with Mr. and Mrs. I.B. Fraker of 131 Adams Ave., was here on leave the last of October.

Entering the Navy Aug. 20, Lou finished boot camp Oct. 18. While at Great Lakes, he served as news caster and commentator for his company. He has returned there for aviation radio school.

Former resident of Dudee, Derfield, and Midland, Gainsley received his high school education at deerfield. He also attended the Columbia University school of journalism for one year. While in high school, Gainsley played football and participated in track.

Before working in the assembly department of Hoover Ball Bearing, which he left to enter the Navy, Gainsley had worked as a reporter on the Midland, Monroe, White Pigeon and Bay City papers.

Gainsley is the son of the late Edwin and Catherine Gainsley of Deerfield. Since the death of his parents several years ago, he has lived with the Frakers, who are formerly of Deerfield. His brothers, Hobart, Barney and Gerald Gainsley are residents of Ann Arbor.

Local Lawyer In Air Forces

James M. Bridges, former Ann Arbor attorney, assistant attorney general, and intangibles tax advisor for this district is now stationed at Marshalltown, Ia., where he is a cadet lieutenant in the Flight Instructor school there.

Bridges enlisted in the Air Forces in August of 1942, waiting several months before being called. He went in as a reserve  pilot and trained at Saginaw, and Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

His wife and daughter are living with Mrs. Bridges’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Lapointe of Washtenaw Rd.

James Bridges

Through Boot Camp

Robert W. McIntyre, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McIntyre of 1515 Abbott Ave., enlisted in the Navy last July. Finishing boot camp at Great Lakes in September, he is now stationed at the Naval Personnel Center at Pleasonton, Calif. He hopes to be assigned to a Diesel training school.

Bob, who is a seaman second class, was a member of DeMolay and of the Michigan State Troops. He attended Ann Arbor High school and also was employed by the Willow Run bomber plant.

Bob was home on leave Sept. 28.

Bob McIntyre

Chelsea Soldier

Pfc. Harold R. Alexander was inducted into the Army last March at Detroit, reporting to Fort Custer on April 6. He was transferred to Camp Bowie, Tex., for basic training, and then to Camp Hood. Selected to enter the automobile school at Hood, he was graduated from it, Oct. 23.

Harold is a graduate of the Chelsea High school. In October of 1940, he married the former Alice Alber of Manchester. Before entering the service, Alexander was employed by the Federal Screw Co. of Chelsea.

Pfc. Alexander

Brothers In Arms

Army and Navy are the divergent choices of Warren Buel and John Smith Crandell, sons of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Crandell of 1407 S. State St. Warren, a corporal in the infantry, is training recruits at Camp Fannin, Tex., while John, a midshipman is studying at the naval school attached to Columbia University.

Warren Buell Crandell, 26. and John Smith Crandell, Ill, 19, sons of Mr and Mrs. A. B. Crandell of 1407 S. State St., have chosen different branches of the services. Warren was inducted into the infantry last January, while John became a midshipman in the United Stales Naval Reserve.

After reporting to Fort Custer, the beginning of this year, Warren was sent to Camp Robinson, Little Rock, Ark., for basic training. Since July, he has been at Camp Fannin, Tex., training new recruits. He was made a corporal in April. Warren holds an expert rifleman badge.

A graduate of Ann Arbor High school in 1936, Corp. Crandell received an A B. degree from Adrian College in addition to a teachers certificate. He was doing graduate work at the University of Michigan when inducted. While in high school, Warren was a member of the track team, the Washington club, the student council, and the boy scouts.

His wife, the former Carrie Swadling of Plainfield and their year-old daughter, Carmen Jean, are now living in Hickory Corners.

Warren missed seeing his brother last month when both came home on leaves. Warren was here the first week of October, while John did not arrive until Oct 23. He left last Saturday for Columbia University, where he started his midshipmen training Nov. 1.

John, who is a 1941 graduate of Ann Arbor High school, had taken one and one-half years at Michigan State Normal College, and two years at Michigan when he enlisted last May in the Naval Reserve V-12 program. He was stationed this summer on campus as an apprentice seaman with the Naval Training Unit.

A member of the basketball, football. and wrestling teams of Ann Arbor High, John kept up his gridiron interest by playing on the Michigan team. While in high school, he also belonged to the Washington club, and has been a master councillor of the local DeMolay. He is engaged to Miss Barbara Lou Eddy of White St.

In Australia

"Down under" is now the address of Arthur James Hicks, 26, former Ann Arbor carpenter residing at 1205 E. Stadium Blvd.

A graduate of Ann Arbor High school in 1938, Art worked for Warner Hicks before entering the Air Forces in March of last year. Reporting at Fort Custer, he trained at Boca Raton, Fla., Westover Field, and Green Field, before going to Australia and New Guinea.

He was last home in February. Promotions followed rapidly for Hicks. Promoted to private first class last February, he is now a staff sergeant. His duties are radio maintenance in radar.

Art Hicks

In Pre-Flight Training

An Ann Arbor News carrier for nine years, Bill Gallup, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ell A. Gallup of 408 Awixa Rd., is now stationed at the State Teachers College, Superior, Wis., where aviation cadets are being trained. He enlisted in July and took preliminary training at Miami Beach, Fla.

Bill was graduated from the University High school in 1941, and after a semester at the University, took a job as precision machinist at Buhr's.

In his senior year, Bill held the state title for doubles in tennis in Class B. He played in the University High school hand, orchestra, and sextette, and was captain of the basketball team. Bill also attended the University Band Clinic under William D. Revelli.

Bill Gallup