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Every Dollar Needed!

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War Chest Team Deep Into Enemy Territory

Every Dollar Needed!

This is a special appeal to the solicitors in the War Chest drive. It is vital to the success of the campaign that every willing dollar be gathered in. There are willing dollars still waiting to be harvested. Have you seen every person on your list? Have you gone back again and again to those who were out when you called? Have you made every last effort to do your duty as a worker to whom has been entrusted a share of responsibility in this effort to reach every self-supporting member of the community?

You are asked to finish your job over the weekend. You are asked to make your report by Monday. The officials in this magnificent drive toward our $127,539 goal have called “time out” for a last round-up and a turning in of reports. During that “time out” we hope to gather our resources for a final smash that will carry us to victory.

And to those who have been missed in the solicitation—you, too, can still get into this mighty community push. You, too, can have your share in Ann Arbor's triumph. Just call 2-5576, or send your contribution to the Community Fund office, 310 Wolverine building. This community belongs to all of us. We want that $127,539 War Chest to be an everybody-in-Ann-Arbor War Chest. If every donor gets in his bit, we all will celebrate on Monday!

Officials for the Community War Chest campaign have called time out as pledges pour in too fast for the auditing committee to keep up with them. The home team stands on the enemy 30-yard line, having piled up a total, as of last night, of $89,431.75 or 70 per cent of the campaign goal. The team is confident that pledges not yet audited will amount to at least $38.107.25, the forward pass neceaaary to put It over the goal line for the $127,339 touchdown.