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More Servicemen From This Area Win Promotions

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More Servicemen From This Area Win Promotions

Lt. (j.g.) Donald F. Notley

Donald F. Notley. recent promoted to the rank of lieutenant, junior grade at his base in the South Pacific, is seeing plenty of action in enemy waters, he tells his mother. Mrs. George Notley, 1602 Shadford Rd. A graduate of the University, class of 1941, he was employed by the Dupont Co., of Minnesota, until his enlistment in the Navy. In May, 1942, he completed training at Notre Dame University and was made an ensign, being transferred at that time to Mare Island, Calif., for a month of advance training before joining the crew of the U.S.S. Nashville, on which he serves.

First Lt. Jack D. Pelton

From an air base in England, announcement has been made of the promotion to first lieutenant of Jack D. Pelton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Pelton, of 755 E. University Ave. The lieutenant, who has been overseas since spring, serves as a pilot of a B-24 Liberator bomber. Joining the AAF in July, 1941, he was given his pilot’s training in this country at San Antonio, Ballinger Field, Perring Field, and Ellington Field, all in Texas. Husband of the former Jean Baker, of Flint, he attended Flint Junior College and the University before entering service.

Captain William Thompson

Commander of the 87th Ordnance Co., attached to the Seventh Army in France, William M. Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Thompson, of 619 E. University Ave., has recently been made a captain. A graduate of the University, where he was affiliated with Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, he entered the Army in the summer of 1942 as a second lieutenant. Arriving in Casablanca in November, 3942, he went through the entire North Africa campaign before being sent to Italy, where he was stationed near Cassino and then Rome. He has been in southern France since D-day.

Second Lt. Robert W. Wing

Receiving training as a P-40 fighter pilot at Eagle Pass, Tex., is second Lt. Robert. W. Wing, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Willis Wing, of 3341 Delhi Rd., who was awarded his pilot's wings and commission from this same post last month. Graduate of the Ann Arbor High school and former student of Michigan State Normal College, he was employed at the King-Seeley Corp. before entering the AAF. Enlisting in May, 1943, he was trained at Michigan State College; San Antonio, Tex.; Cuero, Tex.: San Angelo, Tex., and Eagle Pass. His wife, the former Theresa Mayotte, is with him.

Ensign John Ramey Laird

Navy "wings of gold" were recently awarded John Laird, 21-vear-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Laird, 1140 Michigan Ave., following the completion of his flight training course at Pensacola, Fla. As a naval aviator, the new ensign is now undergoing operational training with the famous Hellcats at Daytona Beach, Fla. A student at the University for two years, where he was a member of the varsity basketball squad, he enlisted in the Navy Nov. 21, 1942, was called to duty in April, 1943, and has to dale been trained at Wooster, O.; Mt. Pleasant; Iowa City, Iowa, and Dallas, Tex.

Lt. (j.g.) Richard Liddicoat

While stationed at Pearl Harbor last month, Richard T. Liddicoat, jr., son of Dr. and Mrs. R. T. Liddicoat, of 1602 Morton Ave., and husband of the former Imogene Hibbard, of Ann Arbor, received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant, junior grade. The recipient of B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University, Lt. Liddicoat, entered the Navy as an ensign in July, 1943. After being trained in aerological engineering at Pasadena, Calif., and in chemical warfare at Toole, Utah, he was given overseas orders last July. He is now located in the Southwest Pacific.

Second Lt. George Vlisides

Among the young "hell from heaven" men who won their silver wings at the Big Spring,Tex., Bombardier school last month was George F. Vlisides, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Vlisides, 1317 Sheehan Ave., who now bears the rank of a second lieutenant in the AAF. Entering service in the summer of 1943, shortly after his graduation from the Ann Arbor High school, he was sent successively to Miami Beach, Fla.; Albion College; San Antonio, Tex.; Ellington Field, Tex., and finally to Big Springs for his bombardier trapping.

Ensign Robert Strickland

Naval architect Robert Strickland, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Strickland, of 520 S. Forest Ave., has recently been made an ensign and is now stationed at the Brooklyn, N. Y. shipyards for six months further training. The ensign, who was graduated from the University College of Architecture in January, 1943, entered the Army in June, 1943, and was sent to the shipyard, at Pascagoula, Miss., for training. While there he was married to Miss Jane E. Haywood of that city. Before receiving his present assignment at Brooklyn, he look advanced work in naval architecture at Tucson, Ariz.