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Foreign Students Pose Problems for U.S. Universities

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Foreign Students Pose Problem For U. S. Universities

"A difficult problem is posed by the large number of foreign students expected to apply for admission to American universities and colleges within the next few years," Alexander G. Ruthven, University president, declared today.

"Our schools were held intact during the war," Dr. Ruthven said, "and consequently can offer many things schools in other countries can not."

"The problem arises from the difficulty of obtaining the proper kind of credentials from those who wish to come to the United States to study. It often is a very intricate process to determine exactly the amount of college preparation a foreign student has.”

"What is needed is a sort of international center jointly run by the Allied governments that will act as a clearing house in securing credentials and other information on students who wish to study in foreign countries.”

The San Francisco charter provides for such a center, Dr. Ruthven said, and "the Allied nations are now in the process of preparing the constitution for one.”

A conference of Allied representatives is scheduled to be held in London in November to discuss the problem. A previous conference was held there last spring when a preliminary constitution was drafted, Ruthven said.