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Mr. 'X' Speaks On Fellowship For Alcoholics

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Mr. 'X' Speaks On Fellowship For Alcoholics

The purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to show a way of life to a man or woman who has an alcoholic problem and wants to do something about it, declared Mr. “X” of Alcoholics Anonymous at the meeting of the Woman’s Club of Ann Arbor yesterday afternoon in the Michigan League.

Alcoholics come from every walk of life, the speaker pointed out. Alcoholism is an escape mechanism, he continued. ‘‘It is a man’s thinking, not his drinking, that makes him an alcoholic.”

In Alcoholics Anonymous, men afflicted with what Mr. “X” termed a disease, get on common ground with one another. One of the principles of the "fellowship” is, he pointed out, “if you want to help yourself, you have to help others.”

No Alcoholism Cure

There is no cure for alcoholism, the speaker stressed. It can be retarded, but, he averred, a man who has been an alcoholic can never become a social drinker. Even an alcoholic who has abstained for a number of years reverts to his former pattern the minute he takes a drink, he said.

The difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic, Mr. ‘X” explained, is that the former enjoys a drink, while the alcoholic drinks for effect.

The alcoholic problem is a moral, spiritual, social, mental, financial, and physical one, he pointed out.

Organized 13 Years Ago

Alcoholics Anonymous, organized 13 years ago, has a membership of between 40 and 50 thousand, he continued.

It is not a political, religious, social, financial, evangelistic, or charitable organization, he averred. Its purpose, he said, is to have people know what alcoholism is so that they can help themselves.

The general public can help the alcoholic by enabling him to find out what he is, how he got that way, and that there is an answer.