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Argus Officials Are Re-Elected

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Argus Officials
Are Re-Elected

24 Per Cent Sales Gain
Reported By Howse

M -' ,. 11-:.? ••? :

in ——T'™ '••i- •

- mpmbers and officers of
, Inc., manufacturers of;

phutugraphic instruments and sup-j
plies, were re-elected at the ari"j
nual stockholders and board meet-l|
ings here Saturday. '|

President Robert D. Howse re>4
ported that the company's sales
this year were 24 per cent higher

omparable 1946 period.
i- record showed Argus
"could maintain its high place in
the photographic industry."

Board members re-elecl"' a
A. L. Ashby, Preston R. ,
Leiand S. Bisbee, Wi5
Brown, jr., H. L. Fusing
liam P. Harris, jr., G. Stanley I'oi-
ter, Jay H. Leason, and Howse.

Receiving re-election as officers
were Howse, president; Leason,
vice-president; Joseph L. Clemens,

•rotary-treasurer; and Dudley J«
.^iiolten, assistant secretary.