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$27,691 Earned By Argus Fund

$27,691 Earned By Argus Fund image
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$27,691 Earned
By Argus Fund
Employes' 'Pool' Now
Totals $656,478

A total of $656,478 was reported'
in the profit sharing and savings
retirement fund for Argus.Inc..
employe.1-' ;• ! '' •• i n nuat'^m'ner
meeting 'light at the
Michigan biiiun uciiiroom.

The sum represents a 14-fold in-
crease from the figure in the
fund at the end of its first year
of operation, in 1942, when $43,-
014 was invested by employes and
the company.

At the meeting, attc the
385 members of the pla, ' ni'oup
heard that the annual income of
the money in the fund amounted to?
$27,691, and represents a return
of 7.7 per cent on the members'
equity during the past year.
Panel Answers Questions

As part of the program a panel
of four Argus executives answered
questions on the financial status of
the plan and the company.

Participating were Robert Dc
Howse, president, Homer Hilton,^
general sales manager, J. H. Lea-,
son, vice-president, and Clinton H.
Harris, manufacturing engineer.
Joseph Clemens, secretary-treas-
urer, served as moderator.

During the past year employes
of the plant put $60,002 into the
fund, while the company contrib-
uted $61,616. Retiring employes
took out $30,177. The plan is open
to any Argus company employe
who has been with Iho firm for
three years or more.