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Burke Named President Of Argus

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Burke Named
Of Argus

Robert E. Lewis, Of
New York, Elected
General Manager

George J. Burke, sr., Ann Arbor
attorney, was elected president of
Argus, Inc., yesterday as the cam-
pra company's locally-dominate-d
Loard of directors held its initial
organizational meeting.
The company has been without
president since June, following
•resignation of Robert D.:

At'tuy/Jfseting yesterday the
directors ^itSo ''elected Robert E.
Lewis, a Ne^'y>nL management
engineer, as vic^jBlteident and
general manager. ^^5P

He succeeds James M. Delanc
of Chicago, who served as temp:

rary manager from June 9 uiii
a few weeks ago.
'Completely Harmonious'
.The election of officers a-
organizational meeting. whic
lowed a turbulen'
meeting two weeks ,i,-i. ' . .
scribed as "completely har-

r;",;-,ri;iny ofifcers who were re-
e-1' re Joseph L. Clemens,:

vice-president and treasurer;

Homer Hilton, vice-president; Clin-
ton H. Harris, vice-president; and
Dudley J. Scholten, secretary.

Company policies also will be
guided by a newly elected execu-
tive committee. Its members are
John Airey, King-Seeley Corp.
board chairman, Rudolph Reichert,
president, of the Ann Arbor BanT
H. L. Frisinger, board chairman <
Lewis &: Frisinger, all of Ann A'
bor, and Wiliam Tretheway, D'
troit builder.

Burke will serve on the com-
mittee as an ex-off ico member.

Tretheway represents a group of
Detroit stockholders who won a
place on the board of directors in
the proxy battle of a few weeks
ago. The thirrt ""•"••" involved rn-
the fight was of Chicago
stockholders, v\;i--. ,.1 o won one
place on the board of directors.
Local Group Kept Control

Until recently Burke headed a
six-member Argus operating com-
mittee. At the annual meeting he
served as chairman of the board
of directors in order to preside at
the stormy sessions which saw the
loin' ; ment group retain
(•( ning six of the eight
places un iiif board.

Burke, a lawyer for the past 30
years, was general counsel for the
Office of Price Administration in
Washington in 1943, served as a
trial judge at the Nurenberg, Ger-
many, war crimes trials, and is a !
member of the board of directors
of the Detroit Edison Co. He is a
member and past chairman of the
State Civil Service Commission.

• "Lewis is a native of Long Is-
land, N. Y., holds degrees from
Columbia University and the Co-'
lu- "•""• " "hool of Business Admin-
isi. . .

He previously served as presi-
dent and director of the Cleveland

•.vji'p -'-..-:-.- '-p Q^(J gg treasurer

and u, ; the American Steel
& Wire Co., also of Cleveland. At
one time he was associated with
Batten, Barton, Durstine & Os-
borne, internationally known ad-1
vertising firm. 1

In 1948 he was a member of a'
government mission to Germany ini
connection with dismantling ofi
German plants for reparations. ;

Quitting Management Firm i

More recently, as an associate of;

Sanderson & Porter, consulting!
management engineers of New
York, Lewis made an industrial
survey of King-Seeley Corp. here.
He has resigned his position with
Sanderson & Porter, effective yes-1

Lewis announced today that
"The election of the new board of
directors and officers brings to an;,
end the period of uncertainty that!
has prevailed in recent months.
With a well established line of
products, a skilled organization,
and a good financial condition,!
Argus is in a position to continue'
as a growing factor in the Ann;

Arbor industrial community." ' ^

The management engineer is,
married and has six children, a'
boy and five girls. He plans to
move his family to Ann Arbor
from Port Washington, Long Is-
land, as soon as he can find a