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Woman Is Successful In Four Careers

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Mrs* Grace Radford Understands People

Supervising the payroll deduction plan for U.S. Savings bonds is one of the many tasks involved
in being assistant director of personnel at Argus, Inc. Here Mrs. Grace Badford (right) turns over a
bond to Mrs. Beverly Bullis, a secretary at the local camera concern.

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Woman Is Successful In Four Car -s

By Jeanne Rockwell

) Many women consider them-
selves fortunate if they are success-
ful in one career, but over the
years Mrs. Grace H. Radford of 618
S. Ashley St. has chalked up an
enviable record in four.

Since her graduation from the
Juilliard School of Music in New
York City, she has taught music in
' - \n home-building and con-
.impany in the same city,

children, and for the
pctoL aJiA years has been assistant
director of personnel at Argus, Inc.

"Those jobs have not been as
unrelated to each other as they
might appear," she reports. "My
experience with students and with
the men working for me on con-
struction jobs taught me a lot about
dealing with paople."
Has Ready Smile
- In appearance, Mrs. Radford is a
friendly, wh i' • • • •'•' widow with
a ready smih ,n enthusiastic
energetic manner.

She ranks an interest in people
and a thorough knowledge of their

work as of prime importance in per-
sonnel work of all kinds.

"When I've talked to girls up at
the University about careers in the
field they often ask me what I
think a degree in the personnel
field is worth," she relates.

"I always tell them that while a
j degree is fine for background, it is
| also necessary for the individual to
be thoroughly acquainted with all
phases of the jobs of the persons
with whom she comes in contact. If
she wants personnel work in an of-
fice she should know office meth-
ods, if it's a factory she should be
familiar with its' operations.
All Study Helpful

"Personnel work isn't a thing
that you can easily pin down and
study as such, although all study in
social development and personnel
techniques would be helpful in a
general way."

As assistant personnel director
at the local camera company, her
office is responsible for all em-
ploye records, all hiring and lay-
offs, insurance fir all personnel,
claims for workme' ' 'ensation

jand unemployment compensation
i claims.

The personnel department puts
n"+ " "wnthly paper and all per-
;id company policies are in-
L., ,,-^d through m" r-ffice. Other
activities include w he com-
|pany's profit-sharing ,.-..„ and as-
Isistance with the employe recrea-
kion club, an important factor in
i plant morale.