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Thompson 'Shot In Anger' According To His Statement

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Thompson 'Shot In Anger’, AccordingTo His Statement

A statement by Stanford Thompson--on trial for the Aug. 12 murder of Mrs. Marjorie Williams—to the effect that he "shot in anger" was read into the court record late yesterday afternoon.

The case may reach the circuit court jury late today, after Defense Attorney John W. Rae presents his witnesses.

Assistant Prosecutor John B. DeVine read a 17-page statement taken by Washtenaw authorities from Thompson two hours after his capture Aug. 12.

Thompson said, in part, When you can’t live without a person, you can't live. You don't want to kill them. That girl was my right arm.

'Passion Of Angerness’

“It was just through a passion of angerness (sic), that's what caused it. A person angry never stops to consider.”

"It was in anger that you shot, is that it?” Thompson was asked. “That’s right,” he answered.

Asked specifically if he remembered firing the gun, the 35-year-old Thompson replied, “No, it's just like a dream.”

“But you knew what you were doing?” officials asked.

“I can’t say that I did. If I had any sense, I wouldn’t have done it," was Thompson’s answer.

Had Gun In Hand

“I remember being in front of the door with a gun in my hand and I heard somebody holler on the other side, but I don’t remember pulling the gun out of my pocket," Thompson’s statement continued.

Thompson has not yet taken the witness stand. He may do so this afternoon.

The trial was delayed for more than an hour this morning when car trouble held up the arrival of the last prosecution witness, State Police Sgt. Leroy F. Smith, ballistics expert, who was traveling to Ann Arbor from Lansing.

It was believed this morning that the 12-woman jury might be given the case late this afternoon and return its verdict this evening.