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Camp Hilltop Lodge

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TURNING MUD PIE SKILLS TO USE: Besides having fun at day camp at Hilltop Lodge this summer, Girl Scouts have been busy fixing up the place. One project is making a brick outdoor fireplace. Tamara Lavender (center) hands Margaret Ann Busch a trowel full of newly mixed “mortar,” while Janet Kitchenmaster continues mixing.

COOKING BY CANDLEPOWER: It's easy to cook an egg with two tin cans and candlewax, Girl Scouts have learned at Hilltop Lodge day camp. Kay Velker breaks an egg on top of a fruit juice can. The can is cut in front and hack to provide a draft. It is then placed over a tuna fish can filled with wax and rolled paper. Mrs. Joan Lewis, camp director, looks on (far left). Also watching are Marjorie Bowler, Drucilla Dexter and Ann Ouimet.

TEAMWORK ON A SAW: Sawing wood to fill the fireplace at the Girl Scouts’ Hilltop Lodge next winter takes a lot of teamwork. Wielding the saw are Mary Sue Rollins (left) and Mary Ella Blake. Holding down the log are Ann MacIntyre (left) and Mary Robinson. Girls attending the day camp this summer have already accumulated a woodpile (not shown).