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112 Children Complete Trip To Moon Via Library Books

112 Children Complete Trip To Moon Via Library Books image
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One hundred and twelve Ann Arbor children made an imaginary trip to the moon this summer as members of the summer reading club sponsored by the children’s room of the Ann Arbor Public Library.

The number is nearly twice as large as the 65 who completed club requirements of reading 10 or more books during summer vacation last year.

This year’s theme was “By Spaceship to the Moon.” Each book read advanced a child’s paper spaceman toward the moon on a big bulletin board kept in the children’s room by Miss Hazel M. Keedle, children’s librarian.

Thirty-one of the 112 readers read more than 10 books. Topping the list is Susan Taylor, who read 59 books, one more than last year’s record.

Others Listed

Others with more than 10 books follow, with the number of books read after their names:

Sharon Albrecht, 33 books; Edward Root and Herbert Sloan, both 28; Bettidie Taylor, 23; Lisa Goode, 22; Judy Connable, 20; Martha Niess, 19; Ocky Uhlenbeck, 18; Eric Dahlstrom, Drew Getting and Teddy Riecker, all 17.

Completing the list of those with more than 10 books are Helen Benjamin, John Maxwell and Charles Thrall, all 16; Ann Frisinger and Kelley Rea, both 15; Barbara Niess, 14; Marcella Arnow, Jan Geitgey and Philip Novess, all 13; James Dewey, Linda Getting, Mary Robinson, Jeffrey Swope, Ann Uren, and John Wernette, all 12; Tugar Gene Hunter, Patsy Leftridge, Marty Lou Lindenschmidt and Francie Miller, all 11.

The list of children reading 10 books follows:

Judy, Marilyn and Linda Aitken, Dave and Nancy Angst, Frank and Howard Benford, Christine Bishop, Constance Bowler, Tony Brigham, Patricia Brooks, Marcia Brownson.

Bruce Campbell, Jennifer Carr, Kathy Claggett, Jo Ellen and Sally Clisham, Tom Cody, David Cope, Tim Craine, Louis Cutrona, Bill Denning, Dave and Dick Dunlap, Louise Elving, Kathleen and Patty Fike, Marlene Fisher.

Ruth Folk, Nancy and Peggy Fortune, Judy Foster, Marilyn Gale, Tina Griffel, Grace Haab, Mary Halford, Becky Hill, Ray Holland, Mary House, Bill Houston, Kathy Huntwork, Jane Jacob, Linda and Marilyn Johnson.

Diana Ladd, Diane Lindner, Karen Lohela, Ronald Lutz, Jerry Evelyn McCallie, Bonnie and Susan McLellan, Tamara Magoon, Bill, Ellen and Gifford Miller, Betty Mosher, Mary Moyer and Martha Munn.

Still More Readers

Donald Partridge, Lynne Praken, Linda Prieskorn, Jean Richards, Elsa Roberts, Bonnie and Edward Roeber, Frank Root, Kathy Rulfs, Martha Seeley, Louise Simon, Tom Sonandres and Sherry Stasheff.

Evan Suits, Michael Taylor, John Thompson, Louise Uren, Laura VanVlack, Karen and Pixie Ward, Robert Warzynski, Juanita and Suzanne Wheeler.

Junior high students in the club will receive credit in school for books read. Their written reports have been sent to their respective schools, Miss Keedle said, while all other club members may now pick up their reports and spacemen in the children’s room.

IMAGE TEXT: Two public library visitors look over the big summer reading club bulletin board in the children’s room. They are Judy Ann Kruger (left), 3 ½, of 1030 Daniel St., and Monte Nagler, 15, of 1315 Beechwood Dr. This year’s club theme was “By Spaceship to the Moon.” Because a record number of 112 young readers made it to the “moon,” their spacemen overflowed it and are posted above Monte’s head. Neither visitor was a club member.