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Tigers, Yanks To Attend Quarterback Club Outing

Tigers, Yanks To Attend Quarterback Club Outing image
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Tigers, Yanks To Attend

Quarterback Club Outing

Football and baseball fanning will be mingled here next Wed-

nesday when the Ann Arbor Quarterback Club stages its annual

spring outing at the Barton Hills Country Club.

As usual, all Michigan coaches plus Athletic Director Fritz

Crisler will be on hand. And while the boss men in other sports

will get in their licks it's usually football talk which dominates

during collegiate athletic gatherings.

But Major League baseball will be well represented, too. Out-

ing Chairmen Howie Wikel, Russ O’Brien, and Bob Ufer already

have lined up Sportscasters Van Patrick and Mel Ott, who air the

doings of the Tigers, who not only have promised to attend but also

have said they will bring members of the Tigers and New York

Yankees with them as special guests.

While the dinner isn’t scheduled to get under way until 7:30

p.m„ the Outing itself will start at 1:30 p.m. when the golf-minded

Quarterbacks begin their annual battling. Tickets for the affair may

be obtained from Wikel, O’Brien and Ufer.