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Dietzel's Opens In New Location

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Set Apart By Decor<br><br>Dietzel’s Shoe Store is now doing business in a newly-remodeled store and at a new location—309 S. Main St.<br><br>Men’s women’s and children’s shoe departments are distinguished by different color decor and matching appointments. A new store front has been added, along with a rear entry marquee adjacent to the Fourth Ave.-E. William St. parking lot.<br><br>Besides 17 brands of shoes being sold, the firm has added a department for the sale of hose and purses.<br><br>A St. Louis, Mo., shoe company designed the store’s interior, which was modified by H. D. Libolt, Ann Arbor builder.<br><br>The 138x20-foot store, which was enlarged at the rear, contains 2,000 square feet and has sales-floor storage space for 14,000 pairs of shoes.<br><br>The women’s section is marked by yellow walls, while the men’s department is defined by apple green amberwood and the children’s by pink biege.<br><br>The store is owned by Fred C. Smith and his wife, Gertrude.<br><br>This recent move is the fourth for the Dietzel store. It was at three E. Washington St. locations during a 49-year period, the latest at 109 E. Washington St. The store was owned by the late Jacob H. Dietzel, who operated it for 45 years until his death in 1954.<br><br>A grand opening will be held at the new Dietzel store March 6, 7 and 8.<br><br>DIETZEL’S OPENS NEW is the interior view of Dietzel’s 309 S. Main St., which has<br><br>business. Varying color decor<br><br>—<br><br>RE: This Shoe Store at opened for s been used<br><br>to distinguish men’s, women’s and children’s shoe wear. The store was formerly located on E. Washington St. A grand opening is planned, it was announced.