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Behind The 'Melody There's Hard Work

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Behind The 'Melody There's Hard Work


CARNIVAL COMMITTEE:  Members of the carnival committee of the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, who are planning the annual "Melody on Ice," attend a rehearsal at the Michigan Ice Rink where this year's show will be presented at 8 p.m. on Saturday and at 3 p.m. on Sunday.  Committee members are (left to right) C. Edward Woodruff, Mrs. Kent Leach, Mrs. Merle Lawrence, Mrs. Carl Raab, William Stegath and Merle Lawerence.  Two committee members, Mrs. J. T. Banchero and Mrs. Louis Graff, were absent.

COSTUME DESIGN DISCUSSED:  Mrs. Frank Harris (left) holds a sketch of a costume designed for the "October 31, Midnight" scene directed by Richard Porter (center).  Mrs. John J. Murphy, a member of the costume committee, looks on.

MAKES SCENERY:  No carnival would be complete without scenery, and James Nutt and C. W. Wilkins are busy preparing props to be used for the show.

TAPE MUSIC:  Gordon Brown (right) looks on as William Stegath tapes the music for the show from records.  Taping solves problems that could arise from losing a record, or playing them in the wrong order.  Stegath is music and co-ordination chairman.

DRESS REHEARSAL:  Here is how skaters in the "Salute to George Gershwin" scene will appear at the performance.  About 296 persons will skate in the 17th annual show.  The first carnival was held at the ice rink in 1943.  The club was organized in 1939.

FAST TURN:  Peggy Reed makes a fast turn as she rehearses for her role as an ingenue in the composite musical comedy, "Broadway Melodies," to be presented during the second act.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:  Sally Dilno (left) and Robert James find that hours of practice make for a perfect performance.  Sally and Martha Woodruff will be costumed as cats in "Feline Fantasy," and Bob will play the hero in "Broadway Melodies."

SOLOISTS:  Three members of the club who will do solos during the performance make skating together look easy.  The girls are (left to right) Judy Banchero, Carol Porter and Ann Wilson.  Club Professionals Mary Frances Greschke and Ann Bigby Larmee help coach the girls.

TIME OUT FOR A SNACK:  A piece of chicken tastes mighty good to Peggy Reed (foreground), who interrupted her strenuous rehearsal for the snack.  Nancy McArtor laces up her skates prior to joining the junior group for practice.