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U-M Nuclear Program Now Biggest In U.S.

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U-M Nuclear Program Now Biggest In U. S.

The University educational program in nuclear science and engineering is now the largest in the nation.

Manpower and facilities provided in part by the U-M’s privately supported Michigan Memorial-Phoenix Project have enabled the U-M to increase sharply the number of graduate students studying nuclear phenomena every year.

More than 20 foreign countries now send of their most promising student to train on the campus each year. Phoenix also provides a consulting service to nations newly entering the atomic energy field. This is provided under contract with the International Co-operation Administration.

Interns at University Hospital also receive training in the uses of radioisotopes and gamma radiation. They are taught in laboratories and facilities which were constructed with Phoenix funds.

In addition, the Phoenix program awards fellowships to outstanding students. In 10 areas thus far, 20 students showing promise of attaining eminence in their chosen fields have received fellowship stipends.

Research assistants, who work in conjunction with senior investigators on various nuclear projects, also receive Phoenix subsidies. Many have families to support; consequently, these wages are permitting them to subsist while continuing their studies. The Phoenix program has been instrumental in attracting and holding eminently qualified teachers in the atomic energy field.